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Interest of children specialty education is crucial
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The singleton is in most now home female, parents also hope children will have a bright future, look at female Cheng Feng, not hesitate heavy gold lets the child learn specialty again, literacy class of take lessons after school, actually not all project suits the child to learn. The reporter interviewed many sided personage, the hope picks strong point for the child to the parent, foster the child to have a bit help better.

   - student state of mind

- 2 grade of elementary school of Zhou Yi laugh

Age learns not less not quite

Little girl age is not old, burden but not small, signed up for class of 5 take lessons after school on the weekend. Have English, abstruse number, expression, dance, still have a class that oneself also do not know how to be written. Time of two days is arranged completely on the weekend.

Ask her all classes are his interest? Bub head shakes so that mix like rattle-drum: "My spy does not love to write a composition, weekly teacher wants expressive tax we write a composition, really irritated. Other subject is quite glad, play namely, anyway at a loose end also is at a loose end. " week mom is really tall to the requirement of small Yi Xiao, still plan to sign up for a painterly class to her again, say to go up first a semester, look like. Her classmate Ceng Yafan says: "You say not to like at once, did not learn, grind with your Mom, picture saying a picture is too uninteresting, we are changed individual. I often am ground with my Mom, I do not like English, my Mom was retreated to me! My Mom was retreated to me!!

   - parent state of mind

The daughter signs up for him class to also attend class

- Mr Tang daughter a year old half

Mr Tang and sweetheart are a white-collar, work at ordinary times very busy, but the job is again busy, have a job final, that takes a daughter to go to center of preschool education activity attending class every weekend namely. Young daughter fragrant age 1 year old half, already was however 3 period learn the old student of the class. At present Mr Tang signed up for two classes to the daughter, one is cheeper behavior class, still having is musical class. The purpose that signs up for a class to the child at the outset is to want to let the child be mixed as early as possible with age the child is contacted more, avoiding is the bad mistake with singleton female dissocial case at present, have profit to the nursery school on henceforth.

Although tuitional price does not poor, but look at a daughter to be mixed happily with age the child plays a toy together, hear music, see a teacher how to teach " not sensible " young daughter improves intelligence, mr Tang is very glad still. He says: "The canal saw the child make fool in the past, the child does not cry to be troubled by went, seeing the child now is educational child. 0-3 year old the child is cerebrum when growth is the rapiddest, also be the inning that strengthens education, past child cries to know to fool only, see teacher guiding child play a toy correctly through attend a lecture now, make game, hear music, the way that oneself see the child is more than in the past also many. The way that oneself see the child is more than in the past also many..
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