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Parental influence is like the bright mirror before the child
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Figure record: Meng Qingpeng, shenyang big north 2 school teacher, 2 class psychology refers the country master. From teach 15 years, win title of teacher of Shenyang city key member, teachs thought moral character teachs a class to obtain provincial and outstanding subject.

"The one side mirror that parents is the child " , mr. Meng Qingpeng discovers in education practice, domestic swat comes out lying child most. She was told about to the reporter happen in the real story on body of a child.

A day afternoon, the ground drives in a huff of a parent to the school, before the face of teacher and classmate, cruel the son that calls him, the child aches continuously grin, do not have a tear however. Original, the child's stepmother gave 10 yuan of his money to buy movie ticket, should look for 3 yuan, the child was not handed in in time go back, and the relation with stepmother very deadlocked. In father's eye, the son is hopeless, classes are over do not come home get online, fight with the classmate, still lie... but, after understanding carefully, the teacher discovers, this child loses a mother as a child, father hits mahjong all the day, pay no attention to without giving thought to to the son, the child often has without breakfast, return the home, father often still does not have cause ground to beat and scold him.

When teacher and this father speaks, he however ground of one is assured and bold with justice says: "The child had be toed hit, this he still does not have memory! This he still does not have memory!!

The first month celebrates roc feeling character: When present parent is teaching the child, often go to extremes, or is favorite have add, coddle since childhood; Or is simple and crude, be inferior to a bit meaning with respect to cuff and kick. Actually, the child is born is piece of white paper, parental influence is crucial. The child does not have a problem, the possibility that has a problem is the parent and teacher.

Origin: Shenyang daily

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