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Teach the tonetic clever use use when the child
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The parent often is certainly child effect not beautiful and be at a loss what to do, no matter you are,shout ground commands, the child is paid no attention to right-down. Do not know you had thought, should change way of a kind of education? If often be opposite,the child of err thing rebukes loudly, do not receive the result not only, grow to the child's disposition instead, mental health has adverse effect.

Psychologist should be used to expressing what thing what kind of tonetic undertook study, discover processing is same a thing, different tonetic meeting gets different result, adult criticizes the child, with small tonetic child more recipient. Because,this is:

1, move in a low voice can make a person a few saner, the mood is a few gentler, also can make the child inimical, go against the psychological line of defence that oppose somewhat flabby, be helpful for communicating.

2, criticize the child in a low voice, can center the audition of the other side not only, and OK also anticipate the enemy, do not let the child use move loudly. Life middling sees adult scolds the child loudly, the voice that the child revolts is not small also, bilateral mood is more and more excited, offend adult skinful is angrily finally, the child is ill-affected also.

3, move in a low voice can drive away anger. Parents is child life in, teach the teacher with the longest time, the words and deeds of adult is the oldest to the child's influence, when anything crops up irratable, not sober, the parents that the mouth scolds aloud, have the effect of exert a subtle influence on to the child's disposition for certain.

   Suggest to the following fields had made when the parent talks with the child:

1, apply right tone and wording. Will tell to a lot of parents, controlling his not to criticize the child is very difficult, accordingly, think carefully please before conversation, apply appropriate mood and wording, the effect will be very good. For instance " I love you, but I cannot accept your deed " , this kind of word can feel very curt at first, but pass a little while, the child can understand your meaning very naturally.

2, the requirement explanation that should accomplish child of your place expectation listens to them. Look after children for instance ramble supermarket, tell him not to move goods in disorder, what will the consequence that if disobey,warns be. You should be carried out after all from A to Z, need not browbeat aloud.

3, the language that does not use harm child proper pride, reduce the criticism to the child as far as possible.

Origin: People net - healthy times

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