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8 universities ask parental penalty child
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Beat and scold the extreme sexual behavior that is penalty, the castigatory ability of proper, timely science has cautionary effect to the child

At present, gain ground increasingly as what the family teachs knowledge, "Teach again punish gently " the consensus that already became broad parent. In people subconscious in, penalty is the pronoun that beat and scold, often see on the press a few parent punishs a station to the child consequently, punish genuflect, punish hunger to mishandle the child's deadly report even, these parents are correct to punishing lack understand and hold.

Educational psychologist thinks, castigatory means is varied; Beating and scold is a kind among them only, it is extreme sexual behavior of penalty. The fault is used, irresponsibly of abusive penalty as a result is violated to the child's body and heart, of can aggravating child go against turn over psychology, if things go on like this can make punish invalidation, bring about final " do not be in charge of the child " ; And proper, timely scientific penalty can have cautionary effect to the child however, make the child correct an error, receive thereby in order to punish the assistant, effect that teachs with punishing era.

Say so, penalty is art of a family education, penalty whether achieve expectant result, the key is to visit father and mother whether use proper.

Knowledge 1: Of penalty " measurement of penalty " want proper

The purpose nature that punishs the child is to cause the child benign change, so of penalty " measurement of penalty " must the behavior accord with the child.

Penalty is overweight and easy the antagonism sentiment that arouses the child, can't make too gently again child learn a lesson. Because this punishs the child to want to be a principle in order to achieve a goal, both neither can mention lightly, cannot fussily abuse " penal " .

Expert clew

Actually, in daily life we have a kind of such experience, to great majority child, even if be extremely little dissatisfaction,the utterance that parents needs to use his only or action express little to the child, the child can feel is wrong to his penalty, change a fault self-consciously thereby. Educational psychology thinks, penalty includes to be mixed secondhand immediate criticism. Make to the child a hint given with the eyes, action to him tries the method that the limitation, toy that confiscates him is penalty etc and means.

Knowledge 2: Demonstrate " outlet " unambiguous

Castigatory child cannot quit, should ask the child of be punished makes talent of particular reaction changing a fault stop.

The parent wants a manner to make clear, it is clear to be told with the child how should be he done, reach what requirement or level, have what kind of consequence otherwise. If the child has,litter, the habit that does not love to arrange, it is good that the parent should let him himself clear away when penalty it is thing, good to arrange toy. Parent ten million cannot fumble let the child even " oneself go wanting " . The parent does not give " outlet " , the child changes a fault aimless, the effect is not apparent.
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