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Foster ethical sense of pride of the child
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, I give a student of Chinese class to call because of reason, mike carries those who transmit then is English however, (according to her the mother says, the daughter also is not willing to start to talk with Chinese in the home usually) . I couldn't help saying a student: "You can say Chinese, why should tell English with me? " " 1 of o of t of   of e of k of i of l of t of ' of n of o of I   d (I do not like! ) " but you are a Chinese, had better say Chinese with teacher of I am this Chinese. " this girl that attends a middle school still turns over labial photograph to attack with English: "This is to be in the United States, should say this kind of parent, teacher says English 1 above the phenomenon of language is in Da Yiying of Chinese, child the United States is not scarce. The daughter that I am born in home then, nursery school can tell a bit English hind on, a period of time also rejects to follow us to say Chinese in the home, still speak plausibly and at length: "I am American, you are Chinese 1 and she returns the golden hair with special envy curly American, become aware oneself black is straight hair is bad to look.

These behavior are the expression with junior child babyish ignorance of course, but the person is sociality animal, no matter be in where, major person always hopes to be able to be agreed with by social place, as can shirt-sleeve as the environmental photograph all round. Be in the United States, these yellow cutaneous " of dragon send a person " want by its young associate is accepted, it is agency without English, be impossible to accomplish. But agree with and be accepted,do not mean have to " the shovel is dug completely absolutely " original root. One connects him is everybody does not wish approbatory person, can you win the respect with real other people? Such reason is possible the child with small age does not understand, this needs the guiding of teacher and parent. Be in China, people constant teacher assimilate to " teach Yo person " gardener, call the parent the first teacher of the child. I feel, below some circumstances, "Yo person " than " teach " want god-given much, heavy also good is much.

Make from the home

After all, still be made from oneself child first. I use the Chinese book that brings from home, be like " 100 thousand why " , " phrasal story " , " children thesaurus " etc, tell 4 big inventions of China to her, tell her China is one of ancient countries of the earliest 4 old culture on the world, its long history is far should grow more than the United States, should learn even a lot of American and study China. Anyhow, try every means is gone to as far as possible with ground of different approach, accumulate over a long period she the fill in that small head melon some China " rice water " . Light tells these returning in the home insufficient, still must let her be in her child " raise a head to come " , ground of one is assured and bold with justice is him is a Chinese and proud. So I leave think, recalled a variety of way. When the nursery school on the daughter, I follow her teacher connection, the show that carried some of China is taken, the culture that tells China for all children to her class and section are celebrated, put on these beautiful dress to perform Chinese dance for them on the spot, still teach children a few simple motions, the bub of cutaneous of of all kinds that makes include a daughter inside people amazed, envy, extremely excited. After the daughter entered elementary school, almost annual around of Chinese Spring Festival, I should organize some of activity in her school. Have a year, meet symphonious happy teacher join a hand with the parent of the school even, did " Chinese week " , not only the culture that oneself tell belt teaching China repeatedly is artistic, still asked a few China friends, along with already learned to nod Chinese orchestic daughter, ran show of Chinese orchestic special performance for entire school teachers and students and its close friends together, give the school indeed " shake " . After the event, the president buoyant of the school the ground says to me: "You turn my this school into Chinese theater! Class hind is mad over below so much student jump your red silken dance with sth in one's hands. " those who let me feel more interesting is, the daughter also was become in the school accordingly " celebrity " . Sometimes when I go to the school receiving her, see a few children round, chasing after her, calling her Chinese name. Looking at her that complacent and proud expression, I think me " scheming " did not waste. After hitting that, she seldom protested to learn Chinese again. What to ask her the dress is the most good-looking, she says is " the gules cheongsam that the uncle brings from Guangzhou " . This semester, the study that concerned Egypt should make on her class studies, one day she comes back to say with me: "Mom, I hope the teacher can let us do Chinese research. " " why? " " because I am a Chinese ah. " bub instead feels I ask strangely.
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