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4 kinds of hearts of the child need
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The child's heart is a clean ground that does not have foreign matter, without crammer, without deceit, everything goes continuously continuously, their behavior is to be based on want to satisfy oneself be caused by of some kind of pure need. But if father mother is right,their behavior lacks acumen touch, pose bad behavior problem possibly, if can careful reference is following at 4 o'clock, conduce to the psychology that understands them. Psychologist analysis, every child has following need of 4 kinds of psychology:

1. Parental care and consideration;

2. Be accepted, by esteem;

3. Get the admiration of others;

4. There is a place in the home.

Some children can use good deed to behave, come please parents gets admiration, satisfy its psychology need thereby; But some children cannot accomplish this a little bit. When psychology need is couldn't get when satisfying, can serve as compensation with the behavior of impropriety.

Behavior of 4 kinds of impropriety

The first kind: Bring to sb's attention. The child needs to get parental attention, ability can feel he is taken seriously by parents. And the attention that cannot gain parents from good deed when the child, can be amounted to with wrong action send a purpose.

The 2nd kind: Contend for influence. Like adult, the child feels he is important, need to others is respected and be accepted. Feel when the child parents controls him with influence, can come in order to revolt the ability of project oneself. Parents is exercise authority more, the child's revolt heals big.

The 3rd kind: Retaliation. The child is in the process that contends for influence with parents, often be a loser; Turn to stab parental heart with revengeful behavior. What the child feels such ability make parents know him is important.

The 4th kind: Abandonment. Feel when the child oneself are completely worthless, the courage that defy repeatedly and makes reprisals also is lost, can pass through expression to escape others to ask to his trivially.

Undue protection, sympathize with, control and control the child, all be not valued behavior. The parents that bear the blame should be mixed with friendlying precise manner, give the child to choose freedom, let the child kiss the result that this chooses one by one at the same time.

Origin: Net of Chinese children education

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