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Family education raises action society to go away a little while
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A mom has a pair of children, she takes this to do not have method to children simply.

They distain to be considered to her labor forever. Expression is on the action, they always say impatiently: Mom, are you irritated? Old vixenish, our ear removes chrysalis!

Mom thinks, must look for a method to teach the child, then, be in weekend, after mom left a piece of brief note, went. Say on brief note, grandfather is ill, need her to take care of, so, perhaps 3 days, perhaps a week, she won't be in the home, hope two baby can attend well oneself.

The first day, sibling two people fight noisely to the top of one's bent, make the room snafu. Right, whats need not worry, can watch TV freely, play game, go out amuse oneself also nobody is in charge of.

Climb full windowsill till smelly sock, washing machine is filled in to get magnify by dirty clothes mouth, has used dinner service must become angry in the bubble in cistern, the sheet gives them the hug of warm whiteness no longer, the boy just begins fear, depressed expression also is completely on little face of the girl.

At that time, they happen to coincide the ground remembered mother. The mom of long-winded, became great mother suddenly. They never discover mom is so important before, they are to miss mom so.

Later, mix to them in mom same once upon a time when taking care of, they complain no longer, can say a few words however: "Thank mom. "Thank mom..

The answer is so plain, love a person for a long time, he can forget that gradually is love, and can feel, that is should.

So, the love that wants you is cherished, you have to learn: Go away a little while.

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