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Appreciate is due spend penalty also trenchant
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When be being written down so that I read, the teacher of dermatological department says to us: "Bathe should use soap less, because soap can destroy leather fat covering layer, make the skin loses protective screen, give birth to dermatosis easily. " when surgical teacher attends class, say to us: "Wash one's hands bathe should use soap, such ability effectively clean skin, prevent bacterial infection. "

Two teachers are a doctor, tell reasonably, but because they are,see a problem from the angle of this course, the result says to should use soap, another says to ought not to use soap however.

Different point of view sees a problem, the outcome that reach is different also. Be about to decide to who should listen to after all according to oneself circumstance as auditor. If you are easy peltry skin is ill, that mights as well if listening to a dermatologist; If you often contact the thing that is polluted by the bacterium, then you might as well if listening to a surgeon.

Advanced now education concept is very much, it is Zhou Hong advocates appreciate to teach first, now somebody suggests female to the singleton undertake the setback is taught, the parent often does not know how to should hold. The deaf-mute daughter that Zhou Hong is aimed at him offers appreciate education, and setback education is an expert put forward in the light of present singleton female coddle since childhood. Regard us as the parent, be about to hold according to the particular case of own child. Alleged appreciate is due degree, penalty also trenchant.

Origin: " do a wisdom good mom "

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