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The child, you are a tree that hangs full adult desire
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Dance contest, Gu Zheng takes an examination of …… of contest of class, talent to media reported recently: A 5 grade pupil of Nanjing appearances for the first time from 3 years old since the show, all sorts of shows that attend and match already did not issue 100, “ bosom puts ” all sorts of certificate 44. His father says: We do not think “ the chance that loses any child to be able to get taking exercise, because the taking of each certificate is right,the child can be touched somewhat, believe the child can understand our pains. ”
Astute modern, from fetal had not left the mother's body to begin, having designinging life blue print for it. Others advances a focal point, my home child cannot be entered common; On others abstruse number, my home child can know “123” only how; Others gnaws a foreign language, my home child also wants a lot of parents of “ ABC ”…… not to let the child be defeated to go up in the scratch line for “ ” , no matter the child likes, be willing, sign up for all sorts of interest classes, specialty class prematurely for the child. The child that classes are over just puts down the satchel of heavy, moved toward various classroom again. Young couples are getting a child to squeeze a car to hurry on with one's journey, ask for help spends money, “ of fire of wind wind fire drives ” of a place where people gather for various purposes, this has become the ” of “ scenery line that is familiar with together in the city.
So, does ” of “ interest class learn some of what after all? According to investigation, come in elementary school among 3 grade student, the student of ” of “ interest class learns what course is interested not to pass to place 1/3, most child is the parent be being fooled or forcing will learn. And what learn course, also be “ interest ” of the parent only merely. Face a reporter, children say: The interest of “ parents is my interest. ”“ what I hope most now is can cross level this, cross level also calculate parents one is explained. Mom raises ”“ subject, mom says obedient ability is good child. ”
Have a such things: A Chinese woman is taking the child to go France travels. A day, she and child sojourn to French friend home, after the word that enthusiastic goodwife said to the expression of ceremony sex welcomes to the guest, what to ask China the guest is drunk? The guest says according to traditional habit answer of the Chinese: “ is informal. ” face about comes, goodwife asks what the child drinks again, did not wait for child answer, the child's mom says first: “ leaves him alone, what do I drink, what does he drink. ” France goodwife very do not understand said: “ lets him child choose. ” however, what the child's mom's obstinate expression did not choose to the child is necessary, final child still complied with mom's arrangement.
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