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Can the child do the thing that makes you happy?
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Decorated a student several days ago a such tasks: Side mom does a thing, the pin money that perhaps saves with oneself buys the thing that same mom likes, send her with one's own hands. The attention observes mom's movement, bearing, listen to her what to say, write in the diary next. 
The diary that the student keeps by the requirement is given in came. From diarial between the lines can see, major student was not mom to work at all, because diary content is very false. For instance I am opposite ——“ mom says: ‘ mom, you are so painstaking the daughter should do a few businesses for you today. There was tears in eyes immediately in ’ mom eye, me cuddle enters a bosom one in, say excitedly: ‘ my child is grown! Mom does not like the thing that ’” returns some student place to do. For instance, a student ignores family circumstances difficulty, spent about a hundred yuan to buy more high-grade cosmetic for mom unexpectedly, result mom does not like, return blame the child is too grandiose. In the student that additionally one fraction works for mom, 80% above were done wash a bowl, wash clothes the housework of and so on is vivid, they say not to want to give the better thing that makes mom glad. 
Can say, the child lives in the affection in the family now, especially the relation basically reflects the close affection between they and parent to work for them in parents, make them happy; And they work for the parent, make parents glad, it is dispensable however. Because the child thinks to work for parents,notting matter, lack understanding to parents, what because this does not have “ to declare to parents,get 3 Cun Hui ” is true and passion, so, although be parents to work also won't bend does his best the ground thinks, is only in order to wash a bowl, wash clothes wait for the basiccest housework to finish sth. If having the grace that deep “ fosters to parents, sign up for the violent true feelings of ” when main photograph, they are met cudgel one's brains for thinks up the practice that is full of new idea to make parents truly happy. 
Who creates this kind of abnormal feeling between the child and parents? It is —— of the person that child thought, affective leads of course their parents and teacher. Teacher and parent should ask oneself: Study result besides what ask the child at ordinary times how, had you cared their affection to experience? At ordinary times besides coach beyond the child's homework, the affection that how had you pondered over to raise the child business? Actually, it is likewise important to the society is an upright person and learn knowledge, probably former more important. Just think, one connects the person that the affection demand of own parents does not know, how can experience the feeling of others, the affection that how can win others supports, how can you blend in a society again?

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