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Forgetting also is a kind of beauty
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Accidental read so the story of an afford for thought: 
Have a child of 15 years old, he is mischievous, cloddish, inurbane. In the school, his ask for trouble, fight with the classmate, like him without the person, very few also somebody and he is together amuse oneself.
But have an except, that is a preceptress that calls phenanthrene to pull. 
A day after school, phenanthrene is pulled made the child, say: “ is this appearance, the teacher encountered a difficult problem recently, can you help a teacher find out the answer? ” 
Have 3 candidate, they are respectively: 1. A bit superstitious, have two Moll, smoking is fierce, and wine of be addicted to is like a life; 2. Love a bed to just rise to midday commonly, once had sucked opium; 3. Ever was national combat hero, do not smoke, drink bit of beer accidentally, young when never had done illegal business. 
Phenanthrene pulls say: “ holiday wants to be chosen in this 3 people like god later can the person of benefit mankind, so who can his a respectful form of address for an old person choose? ” child did not think more, say: “ is the 3rd person of course. ” 
“ is incorrect, the child. ” humble is pulled shake shake one's head say, do you know “ who is the 3rd? His full name calls Adolf · Xitele, his crime suffers the revile of whole world people. ” 
The child stays to looking at phenanthrene slow-wittedly to pull, he believes his ear scarcely. 
“ so, who are before you know two respectively? ” humble pulls stop, say then, the first person is called “ Luo Sifu of · of rich Lan Kelin, it is American history go up to join a 4 president exclusively. The 2nd person is called Qiu Jier, it is the famousest premier on British history. ” 
“ child, ” humble pulls the head that touching the child with the hand to say, your life just just begins “ , the honour or disgrace in the past can represent the past only, make us new begin, ? ” 
Child double eye is containing tear, nod sturdily. 
A lot of after year, the name of this child already was known by a lot of people, his name calls Robert · Harrisson, it is the youngest fund husband on wall street. 
Be in those who advocate quality education today, how many pedagogue can play a lady like phenanthrene such, not plan past grudge, where is the chance that gives every child a reform? I can't help be anxious secretly, how many resemble “ Robert such child can have · Harrisson ” originally a good prospect, desertioned in the merciless critical sound in us however self-respect, desertioned self-confident, the motivation that also desertioned the interest of study and ego develop. 
Pedagogue also needs to learn to forget, forget the child's past appropriately, both neither lets them be intoxicated at successful history, also do not make their because of going broken jar broken fall, let them also become lucky “ Robert · Harrisson ” . 
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