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The family education characteristic of Japanese
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The family education characteristic of Japanese

Value life education The family that is in Japan can reflect most in education: The life teachs overweight talent education, with its side child gets along, how to make the child active make the educational concept of ” at “ as the intention. Begin from kindergarten, the parent digs yam with respect to directive child, cut prop of the curry, dress that make, near farming garden woods takes a walk, pick up collect pinecone, jie is mixed with the viability of education child sound moral quality.
Value formal education Japanese family teachs the formal education that values two pairs daughter very much. The mother has done a meal to did not tell the child to eat, the child is cannot oneself eat first. Before the child is having a meal, must say “ first that is impolite ” . The child leaves home or put in the home 's charge to have a formal rule: The child goes out to want to say “ with mother, father every time I walked along ” ; Come home to want to say “ into the door every time I came back ” . Formal action already made Japanese child civilization their habit.
Value free-standing education Japanese family develops the child's own, free-standing drive as a child, major family asks the child does housework, include to eat meal around to help cook a meal, wash a bowl; Let the child clear away the room that arranges his and the thing beside; Let him child shop etc.
Value setback education Japanese dot tumbled on foot, parents encourages him child to rise, a bit bigger child gets setback, parents encourages themselves to overcome difficulty. Be in Japan, pupil wears shorts in the winter, the leg of some children freezes so that empurpled, parents does not feel distressed to support however encourage the child to be done in that way.
Take innovation seriously to teach Japanese family education takes the curiosity that rears the child and adventurous spirit seriously as a child. Encourage the child to raise a question, have independent opinion, view. The parent often looks after children to look around to house of science and technology, encourage the child to read a book to community library, borrow read books, play all sorts of innovation sex game, develop the child's fancy. In the meantime, japanese parents takes pair of children seriously to start work very much the education of ability.

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