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Do not use the self-confidence of rubber erase child
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This is a story that produces between the mother of a set a high demand on somebody in the hope that he will improve and child. 
This mom loves her child like all mom, but she is not clear from beginning to end why son all the time very self-abased, before others all the time slouch head, can say only forever: Mom, I won't! She asks me why this outsider is met after all all the time such, until one day she told about a petty thing that produces between she and son to me, just let me this on the side the “ clear ” with the true person that watch bout. Let me give out exclamation: You use a small rubber erase the self-confidence of your son!
The thing is such: The school held interest class of maths, mom is holding the mood that have a try in the arms to let the child also attend interest class, letting what her expect is less than is the son that raises disinclination to all things can generate interest to maths, can complete home work inside 10 minutes of the regulation every time, and accuracy rate is very high also. But before long the thing produced very big change again. A day of son says to her: “ mom. I also do not want to did maths to work again! Original son is early when ” is doing work so connect the conjugate between line and picture and number to connect a line with respect to what finished the figure in exercise, the line that but mom discovers the child when the examination,connects askew, not quite smooth and neat, be about to beg child erase redo, the child after first time erase is connected afresh, can be mom the 2nd dissatisfactory, give the child erase again, the child appoint winding music ground is connected again, raise a head to see the eyes that whether a satisfaction reveals in mom eye from time to time, . Originally exercise of 10 minutes elapses in the wipes with rubber process of mom again and again, a many hour went, the child is connected from oneself, become in mom supervise next connecting line, cautious for fear that by mom erase, development arrives to say to mom again: “ mom, I won't connect ” , also do not consider feigned employment again finally. The child's original self-confidence is disappeared to make a gift of sth by what mom's rubber brushs. 
The child is the future of the motherland, parental hope. In the family, the parent does not have an other place to the child to oneself considers somewhat in the future and expect. Expectation child success is brilliant, the university on in the future, successful have; Expectation child has management head, have those who will to be able to make big money; Expectation child constitution is hale, OK in the future record-breaking, take world champion have; A lot of circumstances issue the also has …… that expectation child wants happy, restful ground to spend lifetime only, parental Yan Yan expected to transform the child up the power that act vigorously takes.
And sometimes, exorbitant expectation meets melt into child the heavy pressure on the shoulder. 
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