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How does American parent say to the child " not "
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How does American parent say “ to the child not ”

When to say “ not ”

Parents must say “ why clearly when not ” , it is below 4 kinds necessary when.
(1) should say “ when the health of children or safety are in quicksand not ” . Apparent, want to devour when children the wall paint fragment that contains lead, taste the toxic substance that he collects in rubbish dump, perhaps be when the hand that jockeys busily to the area runs to run and do not capture mom, parents must say “ not ” . When during children go to school, wanting to stay up late to watch TV or see a movie in the evening, also should say “ to them not ” . When they want to smoke or drinking, also should say “ for their health and safety not ” .
(2) when children be about to “ should say when deregulation not ” . The regulation is to protect the child and so that go up to live happily too,teach their distinguish wrong and right and primary and secondary. The family needs to make a provision, how to so that each member knows his family,live. Stipulate how educational children respect the belongings of others, right and habit. The regulation can teach the child how to respect another person, tie child can let them learn comply with and fulfill formulary —— this is the crucial skill that lives in morality, legal system and orderly society.
(3) be full of sense of responsibility to let children, ought to say “ to them not ” . The person of a responsible feeling can reach accredit to make response to control, requirement, obligation. Conscientious child knows and can fulfil oneself obligation. The child of responsible feeling does not think what does, when its exceed what is proper, he meets oneself or pair of friends (the parents that is oneself even or other adult) say “ not ” . We can believe the processing means of a such children can be accepted.

Say “ not 10 kinds of means of ”

(1) do not want overspend “ not ” this one word. What the child of children of the child child of toddle and school age and adolescence feels disgusted most is “ not ” this word. Try to use otherwise and not be to use “ not the idea that ” will come to to convey you. The attempt begins to explain so: You know “ I think such doing to let you, but be no good this, after going because of you, I am met all the time be nervous. ” or, “ I think that is not a good idea. Can you think up other good idea? ” or, you cannot play “ that. But you can play some things. Let us seek a few things that you like in cellar. ”
(2) let children oneself make a few decisions. You can encourage them to make your choice and decision through teaching them to think with inference. One of methods are the opinion that asks the child. If your child asks him whether go rambling with friends market and never had agreed before you, you can ask a question. For instance, you can ask: “ how do you think I can answer this question? This gave ” the chance that the child talks. “ Oh, you never had agreed before, so I guess you to be able to say ‘ not ’” . You can reply so: “ was opposite, if you want to follow friends today,play however, you can let them come here look for you. ” or you can reply: I must go to “ the market, if you think the friend that invites you and we go together, I ramble a little while gladly with you at the same place. ”
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