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The child is not the capital that parents shows off
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The school begins a midterm that day, midday, a ground of colleague too impatient to wait calls child of inquiry coming home is taken an examination of in the morning how.
When be informed the child to feel good, glad interest of the work in the same placing simply indescribable. The child learning result of my that colleague is really right, consequently he always likes to regard the capital that show off as the study result of own child. But once the child lags behind a bit a little, the colleague can feel insecurity, lose immediately or disposition becomes irratable. Once, child exam achievement lagged behind in grade rank 10, he says banteringly: “ child takes an exam this fell 10, again backward 10, I can jump only building. The rises and fall to work in the same place then to me concussion of ” child achievement we need not worry overly, because he is a teacher after all, jump the building just says just. Can drive in such mood below, affirmation of his words and deeds can cause undesirable effect to the child. Those who make us truly afraid is, if the child takes an exam which true inadvertent suffer a disastrous decline, jump who is the meeting of the building? 
At present, be absent absolutely as the parent that shows off capital with the child a few, a lot of him parent hopes always without the ideal of implementation to come true on the child body in oneself. They send the child to enter famous brand school, hope child take an examination ofing names a card the college; Send the child to learn painting and calligraphy of musical instrument chess, hope they check a few paragraphs of a few level, boast proudly before everybody next. Actually, the parent is the child proud it is a regular job, but must treat sensibly, cannot because of oneself excessive and pretentious bring needless pressure to the child. The parent is not adjusted good like core condition, once the child's expression did not reach their level, they can carry because of the child do not come at first, and the consequence with the more will abominable to child generation change of parental mood, their psychology can develop because of this deformation. 
The child should be complete independence the individualize life style at parents, they do not belong to parents finally, not be to be able to let the parental bandy about, tool that show off more. What the child needs is parents helps their health grow, when need is encouraged, parents gives them hope; When need supervises and urge, parents gives them in order to remind; When need guides, parents gives them demonstrate way. Serve as the capital that show off with the child, this affirmation will become the one large stumbling block that the child grows.

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