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The parent, we are pedagogue
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“ bites Na Duanchuan of bell ……” phone comes the parent's cordial sound, mr. “ , my child gives you, he is not obedient, you clear away him is, we become the parent not shield a shortcoming of fault. ” listens abruptly, I still am touched very, the parent trusts so teacher, to the child grow to also take seriously very. Leng Erjing is thought of, unavoidable feel a bit depressed, is the child's education the thing of the school, teacher only? I want to say really: Parent friends, you and teacher are actually same, it is pedagogue. The child from begin in mother's womb, get
The influence of front courtyard, all the time of every word and deed is in infection child, the human relation in the home and culture atmosphere are right of the child grow the action with a massive move, actually the parent you are a great pedagogue. What the school, teacher faces is a few pairs and even one
More than 100 pairs fill the eye of wisdom, cannot real ground is accomplished confront each student. The parent, how can you give a teacher the child entirely? 
You clear away “ he is, me not shield a shortcoming of fault. ” education, it is person and the collision with clever will of people, is not confront the tough with toughness bat rubber ball. Do not accord with a requirement, clear away him, this is not education, violate the physical punishment that teachs a fundamental however. The parent, teaching the child actually, your liability is bigger, you are in charge of the child's basic necessities of life only, more the heart that wants to be able to walk into the child, go against in the child when turning over, make tube of a demonstrate to him; When the child is bemused, give him a bit help; When the child feels failure, give him with confidence, let his success …
… 
The parent, you and teacher are actually same, it is pedagogue, if you shift the responsibility that teachs the child to the school, teacher entirely, your family teachs be failure. Sober analysis, search to balance a dot newly definitely, maintain a common heart, have a love, hold to the patience that await, know the child, understand the child, be the child grow and learn, the approach that makes the child grow implement, ignite the light of the child's hope jointly together with the teacher, such parent just is eligible parent.

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