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Use the opportunity of love to the child
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I spend birthday that day, the daughter classeses are over come back, in spirits ground sends me the wind-bell with beautiful —— of a gift. I understood at a draught; Quite so small that daughter of this paragraph of time classeses are over come back to always call abdomen hunger, buy a gift to me for be economical so. My some life, shout to her; Who lets “ you buy these to me farfetched trashy thing, take away, I do not like! ” daughter daydreams repeatedly probably also did not think of to be able to have such result, a bit muddled, then tear seizes the socket of eye again and go out, crying to run back to oneself room.
 I sleep to be not worn again and again in the evening, I regret: Consider a heart to be fond of the daughter's body only, did not think of to let daughter heart get hurt however, my disappoint a love of the daughter. Then the following day one big early, I earnestly to the daughter apology, accepted a daughter respectfully to give my gift, happy smile was shown eventually on daughter face.
 Small wind-bell, not worth how many money, but a love that this is representing the child after all! This love is puerile, you prop up it, it meets thrive: You hit it, it is met wither, die even. However, see at the moment, like how many young father and mother can follow me, know to dedicating altruisticly for the child only oneself love, and do not know to accept the child to give his love? Say present child is chill, do not know care others, but be in the family, the has given them to apply love chance of our parenthood? Fondling is like the parents of treasure, often be in innocently in desolate the child's love, if things go on like this, can love world of the child become cold by heat how, become run-down, become chill?
 Love is a basket, those who install is contented feeling, those who take is achievement feeling, happy feeling. Do you want to have a good child that loves you? That accepts the child to give your love first please!

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