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The child is recreant how to do
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In numerous singleton female in, most child is lively good move, can character dare is. But also have the child with not little amount to recreant be afraid of getting into trouble, tacit at ordinary times, do not wish to play together with everybody, not was the same as age the sort of love moves the child, corrupt play, curious characteristic. He (she) people undemonstrative, talking sound is humble, active demand is little, not dare a person goes out etc. This is us the child that says normally is recreant. Why is the child met recreant?
Cause the child the reason of recreant and timid disposition is many sided, basically be the influence of environment and education. For instance, parents is excessive the activity that limits the child, forbid the child to go out alone, do not let child much contact be the same as age companionate, cause the child to should not group, lack certain truck capacity; Parents is beyond the mark charming bestows favor on the child, at every turn monopolizes replace, make the child loses the chance that take exercise; Or parents is beyond the mark and severe, child full day is gingerly. How should help education to recreant child so?
1, create a sweet and auspicious family atmosphere, let the child live footloosely, let the child have the room that develops adequately.
2, decorous parents inculcates an attitude, the doting, charming that knows pair of children from the thought is bestowed favor on, can cause the child's timid, capricious disposition only. Parents should be established case correct the child the confidence of timid disposition, want to realise education is only proper, ability makes year young the child gets healthy progress.
3, at ordinary times, the independent character that notices to rear the child everywhere, firm perseverance and good habits and customs, encourage the child to do the business of in one's power, let him (she) him society takes care of him. When the child encounters difficulty, do not want to monopolize blindly, and should let him (she) him idea is solved. Of course, in the begining parents should give necessary guidance, make the child learns him to handle all sorts of issues slowly, and no matter make the child loses his head,cannot pay no attention to at a draught, more recreant.
4, look after children to go in nature, make the child opens wide bosom, development horizon, teach the child proper skill even, if sing, painterly, handiwork, make the child is certain he is not stupid, increase self-confident heart thereby, dare to enter the activity of young associate.
5, encourage the child and person contact contact. Can look after children more to all sorts of collective situations, others is denotive the friendly esteem to the child, can make he feels happy, the child also can notice to interact with the person. The mainest is to want the child and with age companionate much contact, in inviting a few children to arrive home conciously, come, let him do small host. Notice to help new friend of child associate with at ordinary times.
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