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Equal compose opens contemporary teaching in home this
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Equal compose opens contemporary teaching in home this

Current, the relation of the two acting people in a few families is done very tensely, parents return be extremely puzzled, ground of our genuinely and sincerely is the child, how can you appear such result? Actually, the problem still goes to go up in parent body.
Since be education,many parents think, must adopt inflexible, reduplicative homiletic mode, then full day is criticized ceaselessly, censure, not only the educational result that does not receive the front, still can bring a few inactive consequence. Time grows, the child can bore, can feel to hurt its proper pride, can produce mutinous psychology even, the mood with contrary bud. If parents is before companion and opposite sex certainly they, so, the child's “ is gone against turn over psychological ” to be met more intense. Pardonable right now, a lot of parents often blame the child more and more not obedient. And a lot of children say however, parental from morning till night is vixenish, irritated the dead! Set this must not, that forbids, be fed up with really! Apparent, the parent and child are in “ to dry ” .
Parental certainly children often has two kinds of psychology: It is handle daughter regards as demesne belongings, feel oneself have absolutely authority to children; 2 it is parents regards children as the emersion of ego ideal, hope children can come true oneself want to come true, but the ideal that did not come true. Accordingly, parents often engrafts his experience of life to the child, the purpose lets the child live by parental tentative idea. Parents wants surelysubject sb to discipline, the child should become independent, then contradiction arises necessarily, revolt behavior unavoidable. Mutinous form is varied, some does not chat with parents, some overtly agrees but covertly opposes to the parent, some running away from home, be on guilty road even. Accordingly, it is insufficient that parent light is satisfied at knowing the child apparently, the parent must learn knowledge of mug-up a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, understanding goes against the matter that returns psychological generation: It is curiosity. For example: A few insalubrious literary work, accept criticism the more, people wants to look more, and try every means wants in one's hand, these are the cause as a result of curiosity. 2 it is contrary mood. At one's convenience your “ advises in earnest ” , thousands of words, he is apathetic however, think you are captious. The 3 need that are mentally. The thing that the child cannot get to jumping over, more conceivable. This is the common law that people psychology develops, because the child is sensible rate is poorer, this kind of desire is stronger also.
The parent answers the psychology according to the child, be good at teaching, have education, want those who see the child to grow, respect the child's proper pride, be good at understanding the child, the friend that builds a kind of close equality with them concerns, learn to be good at be being communicated with the child, establish good communication relationship with the child. 5 kinds of when psychological expert recommends communication methods are below, introduce parents here:
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