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Equal compose opens contemporary teaching in home this
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It is the atmosphere ” that creation “ listens to. Let the child sit to chat seriously with you, this is very factitious, want to create a kind of natural atmosphere, retain specific time with the child, dinner is the significant opportunity that shares domestic days, the content that parents interprets every night to the child is very interested, the child can feel gutty considered experience, communicate actively naturally with respect to meeting and parents.
2 it is to learn “ parallel to chat ” . As parents, no matter you are much busy, answer advertent what is child doing, smoke time to discuss to it as far as possible, the child's opinion hears more when chatting, environment of this kind of nonantagonistic suits very much to parents, child, especially father, take a kind of equal talk kind, can keep away from ” of conflict of so called “ .
3 it is ” of appropriative “ advisory role. Parents gives the child the proposal, good even proposal they also may ignore, what they need is adviser, proponent. Know when you the child made a mistake, important is not agog ground offers serious criticism, help them figure out the thing however, let the child know where the fault is, how will do henceforth.
4 it is to give space of child “ individual ” . The child does not hope parents dominates their life completely. Interfere the child's privacy too much, they can have mood and dissatisfaction, often may avoid you, estrangement will be further aggravate.
5 it is inconvenience says to be written down. A few experts suggest parents writes down those to the child does not wish to listen or reject audition word, write down thing, truth when you, wait for the child quiet to come down, when taking the notebook them to look, the likelihood is inspired somewhat to them, to resolving a few issues may more effective.
The parent should be known, each person hopes others respects him, the child also has this kind of state of mind necessarily in the home, the parent understands only and respect the child, if what saying, the child just can listen, ability achieves educational goal, ability implementation rears the child into the desire that is useful ability.

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