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Do not forget them constantly
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Recently, chinese youth signs up for a message that go up to divulge: The chance that Chinese farmer children takes a college not as good as 1/3 of town source of student. Tsinghua university is in the new student that —2000 admitted every time 1998, the scale of rural source of student from of 1998 20.8% drop 17.6% 2000, in art kind school, rural source of student is faced with almost disappeared. The expert thinks, more and more sufferring pedagogue leaves pay of the school, teacher to default funds of serious, education to be not worth is the ternary crisis that at present rural education faces. 
Remember some time ago, fact of CCTV “ truth says ” column is special asked 5 impoverished area girls to become a honored guest, the miserable experience —— of a friend that made Tan Jing's girl narrate her does not have 25 yuan of tuition because of handing in, its mother chooses to commit suicide unexpectedly. Tan Jing chokes with sobs at that time the setting that cannot narrate, let be present audience each anxious and speechless. Actually, such story cans be found everywhere in Chinese impoverished area. Social expert says: In public education funds is not worth, rely on farmer oneself force to cannot bear again below the serious case of compulsory education, farmhouse children often is in junior high school or it is elementary school phase is fallen into disuse to go out bureau, do not have a predestined relationship thereby higher education. Beijing manage is versed in a data shows place of university teaching division: Annual Chinese country has children of nearly 1.1 million school age cannot enter a school. 
That girl on hope project poster that pair greatly long for and sentimental eye, it is the epitome of the eye of child of all country impoverished family actually, it reminds our government and us each person does not ignore the attention to them and care constantly. 

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