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A letter that makes a person miserable
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Some time ago, a problem was stuck to be on the announcement column that is in Nanjing some university " the letter that miserable father gives an university the son " , the father in the letter says to the son: "The first semester of the university is read in you, we had received 3 your letters, add up how much cannot grow than a cable, concise and comprehensive, the topic is lively, connect a handwriting illegible, ' money ' the word is special carefully and nearly and clear. You say your study is busy, do not have time to write a letter, but with the female classmate of times of your high school in the courtyard, can receive your at great length however the letter of a few pages, and every week, pass from mail office doorway every time, I and your mom look at your familiar word, however cannot claim, the sort of anguish is how of appearance, do I know? " 
Because want to hand in a girlfriend, this son in the letter neglects parental come off sentry duty, press parents gives money, and still how does as old as the old father of father prate others Mom expert. 
Actually, confront such son, stop the father understanding in the letter is painful! The child fulfilled university dream of parents, become however cannot earn one's own living, become the painstaking fund that of one mind considers to extract parents, become the affection that ignores parents. How can the child that our endure all kinds of hardships rears become such? 
Make the child turns such reason into affirmation more than, just, do father and mother whether should we also meditate the educational means of ourselves. At ordinary times, while we are asking the child tries hard to learn, is healthy? We are opposite the dedication of child free when our love, whether to develop the heart that the child is thankful conciously? 

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