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The parent " thought fors the time being " consciousness should a few weaker
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When visitting one school recently, see one quarrelsome father is in with teacher logic, say a son with desk often fight noisely with the son, requirement teacher changes course of seat, relief to the son, want to buy portion person injury insurance to the son even. Not come singly but in pairs, complier the classmate that one friend also differs with one achievement because of the child with desk and anxiety-ridden, communicate a few times with the teacher, the hope changes a good student to be the same as desk. 
the parent " thought fors the time being " consciousness is so strong, the reason is very simple, because of the singleton female family, the child is the center that the family pays close attention to, the grievance that cannot let the child get a tiny bit is the parent's tenet. 
Be opposite however for the child, some of thing does not talk to go up at all is grievance, the aggrandizement of undesirable state of mind that is the parent instead the child has get sad put in order. Be opposite so for the parent, might as well to the child a few less " attention " , what in living child learning, encounter is alleged " wrong thing " a kind of training that regards pair of children as, want the child to be able to bear only, the parent need not exceed one's duties and meddle in others' affairs goes interfering. In fact, the child from read to be on a society, cannot plain sailing, all is satisfactory, total meeting comes up against all sorts of setbacks, grievance, inequity... but the person should have endurance, this is a kind of integrated quality of the person. No matter be the child, still be the parent, need to enhance psychology to bear ability.

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