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Let the child no longer " depressed "
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A findings report that Shanghai the Women's Federation published a few days ago shows: The level of integral mental health of this city adolescent is inferior, the adolescent of close half exceeds mental health cordon. Among them, the psychogenic disorder occurence rate with crude middle and primary school is as high as 21 % one 32 % , 14—16 year old depressed disease sicken leads children to be as high as 4. 7 % , and show the trend that rises ceaselessly.
 expert is analysed, the high occurence rate of teenage psychogenic disorder and domestic education unbalance are concerned. In real life, on one hand the family invests to hold proportion in the place in domestic spending to the child's education taller and taller, on the other hand, a lot of family education are heavy intelligence light moral education, heavy light teaching by one's own example of light innovation of light accomplishment of intellectual light character, heavy mark, heavy inheritance, heavy teach by word of mouth, the technical ability that shows eager for quick success and instant benefit is changed, destroyed the study power with inherent adolescent, stripped rest normally with recreational right, boycotted teenage character development, cause many body and mind to develop a problem, many adolescent appeared serious “ love lacks ” , they often have themselves only in the heart, ignore other, apathetic to the predicament of other.
 modern medicine proves, mental health as healthy euqally important, have a healthy mentality, having very important sense to the lifetime of a person. We should understand teenage mental health current situation correctly, understand their psychological demand and difficulty, through good family education solves teenage psychological problem, foster the moral quality with sound adolescent and good psychological quality, help them open the lock ” of “ heart, cast off the worry of “ depressed ” .

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