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Say the childhood bad thing that says oneself to the child
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"When 4 grade, before I am taken an examination of once, did not review, him discovery when answering question won't be done, I am then strong boost one's courage, take out the book in the table quickly, hold chin in the palm single-handed, another hand turns over a book below, at that time in my heart straight feel uncertain. Take an examination of the teacher after trying to say the somebody on the class is cogged, but he did not call-over, I know the teacher is to be me to take outer part, after, I again also not dare cogged... " you can think this paragraph of word is which child undertakes deep introspection in the bad behavior to oneself probably, actually this was recently area of Shanghai brake north 3
A when teachers of middle and primary school begin in campus new activity: Every teacher says the thing of him childhood err to the student. 
Somebody puts forward, say oneself bad thing to the child, can affect pedagogic dignity, to this, this school teachers are mirrorred, mobile effect is very good, let already pull between student and teacher close distance, also let a teacher find the form before oneself on student body, remind oneself institutional conversion thinks, serve the student that make a mistake careful with criticism, many somes good-tempered with understanding, students say, the fine division that such activity makes them true experience teacher him since is their helpful friend. 
Can our parental why also learn to teachers? In actual life, our parents wants more before the child the one side with successful project oneself, the growing course that loves to tell about him hardship to struggle to the child more. Result, let the child feel parents stands high above the masses already, let the child be before parents again hard self-confident. The person does not have perfect man, the childhood bad thing that says oneself with the child, affirmative meeting has pretty good effect.

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