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The expert is analytic new 46 class examination is careful narrate examinee to a
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This year the university English of second half of the year 4, 6 class exam will be held on December 24, compare with photograph of in former years, this 4, time of 6 class examination is deferred somewhat. But more of attention letting a person is, this the exam is Ministry of Education is executed 4, after 6 class exam is reformed take an exam first, center of exam of Ministry of Education participates in university English formally 4, group of 6 class exam is taken an examination of, the exam will be used by countrywide university English 4, group of project of reform of 6 class exam and exam committee design new examination paper. Recently, a few when the reporter covered school of Nanjing new east 4, 6 class teach grind expert.

Expert introduction, the consideration that this the exam defers is to let extensive candidate for an entrance examination be familiar with better new appearance of 4 class exam is inscribed and new 4 class take an exam. By countrywide university English 4, group of project of reform of 6 class exam and countrywide university English 4, committee of 6 class exam writes " university English 4 class take an exam (appearance of CET-4) pilot exam coils " in body is revealed, new in 4 class exam, audition proportion increases, check means diversification, joined the long dialog of PartB of force of pleasant to the ear of exam of similar and active TOEFL; Read specific gravity to be decreased a bit, but note reexamination delve to give birth to a variety of ability, joining great master is not blame Changshu all is fast read; Integrated part problem agile, difficulty increases; And writing respect does not have a change.

With old photograph of 4 class exam is compared, new 4 class exam is much give at least 4 kinds of brand-new titles model: Understanding of vocabulary of canto of audition long dialog, careful reading, fast read and sentential interpreter. Make new the total problem that 4 class take an exam achieve 13 kinds, this caused huge to review difficulty to the exam of broad and pilot school undoubtedly, the preparative time of examinee is shown slightly brash.

But the stability to hold examination paper, examination questions is returned meeting and have certain continuity so. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, the student of 180 universities of pilot school, should be familiar with more later original the problem that 4 class take an exam with the title. Old the problem of 4 class everybody is more familiar, have the brief conversation of audition, essay or dictate; Read understanding carefully; Fill a vacant position of statement of simple sentence choosing, writing is mixed form fill a vacancy (or) changing a fault. Especially to new cancel in 4 class exam " vocabulary and structure " this part, also should try to practice appropriately.

Those who need an attention is, in new 710 subsystem, the mark can reflect the relative position that the student always separates not merely, can convey a student to be in more every project (writing, read, audition, vocabulary) the relative position in the center, this is namely before problem reform the plan cent problem scientific place that reforms above all. The unit of choose and employ persons in the future is OK very pass a student clearly 4, the ability of each aspects that the report of 6 class understands this student English.
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