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The English word of 73 groups of extremely easy misspelling
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1) Quite comparatives Quiet quietly

Influence of 2) Affect V, pretend Effect N result, influence

3) Adapt gets used to Adopt to use Adept adept

Angle of Angle of 4) Angel angel

Diary of Diary of factory of 5) Dairy milk

6) Contend struggles, fight Content content, contented Context context Contest competes, the match

President 7) Principal, main Principle principle

The Explicit of 8) Implicit reservation is clear

Desert V of Desert of 9) Dessert sweetmeat abandons Dissert writing a paper

10) Pat dabs palm of Tap putt Slap attacks Rap to knock, hit

The Descent N with honest 11) Decent is down, blood relationship Descend V is down

The Sweat sweat with sweet 12) Sweet

13) Later the Lately Adv with Latter latter the closest later Latest is the closest

Custom of 14) Costume dress is used to

The Intensive with extensive 15) Extensive is deep

The Oral of 16) Aural ear is oral

On Aboard of 17) Abroad abroad (boat, plane)

Alter of 18) Altar altar is changed

19) Assent agrees with accent of Ascent ascendant Accent

Battle of Campaign of bubbly of Champagne of 20) Champion champion

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