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Writing of English of the university entrance exam trains a method
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English of the university entrance exam of Beijing new east composes famous teacher -- Zheng Chaoyu

One, english of the university entrance exam is written expression is basic and politic:

   Careful careful is inscribed. If be to see a graph write civil, understand the connection between every graph crucial.

   Write a point. According to every the graph draws up come two words. Because annual written expression controls the university entrance exam commonly in 10 words, 120 words are controlled.

   Connect an existing writings. After every word has been written, with proper conjunction join rises, made fluctuation is coherent, echo, clear and coherent, concise.

   Check wrong leakage. After finish a piece of writing, check is looked up have tense, voice, spelling mistake and one by one tries to correct.


   Roll the face is neat. Roll the face is compared even snugly accurate, clear and coherent, brief introduction is more important. Because give snugly,read a person bring on spirit cheerful, relative to character, fractional nature should give a few higher.

Always remember the elementary main points of these writing well when composing an exercise at ordinary times to help fellow students, make up doggerel to be as follows especially: Fine careful is inscribed, artful conception, list a point, prevent omit. Keep a diary, with Chinese; Epistolary, inform the format wants to remember well. Chart seeing Qing Dynasty is fine comb, the begin to remember things that keep a person presses order; Check after finish a piece of writing omit, not forget snugly.

2, written expression divides English of the university entrance exam high politic: From dispatch word, sentence-making, plan a 3 respects analysis.

   The principle of dispatch word: Use advanced course vocabulary and phrase, if remember the vocabulary of a few simple basicses merely, and blindly repeat low-level English knowledge drop, had not achieved the requirement of enter a school of the university far. This is in with respect to requirement examinee at ordinary times among training and exam, conscious aggrandizement " complex, advanced " these two concepts, make oneself composition ability distinguishs the composition at average student, make oneself compare others in with respect to the station at a draught tall locally, show oneself actual strength adequately.

The attention in learning a process at ordinary times sums up various vocabularies. It is in order to describe the character's vocabulary exemple:

Express feeling of character love and hate:

Like, love, be Interested In, be Fond Of...

Hate, dislike, be Tired Of, lose Interest In...

Happy, excited, pleased, satisfied, angry, sad, worried, disappointed, terrified, mad, frightened...
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