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Composition of what kind of English of the university entrance exam does all dir
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Examination questions of composition of English of the university entrance exam aims the English language knowledge that check high school student uses place to acquire and skill will convey an idea, have the capacity of written intercourse, draw up content is abounded, the language is right, expression is fluent, the small composition that changes somewhat.

However, want to had written a composition truly, satisfactory tall cent is being gained in the university entrance exam also is not affection of a breeze, a hard work cannot. The author basically depends on in the composition that reads the discovery in coiling to be able to get tall cent:

   One, buckle a theme closely to stress a focal point

Before start writing, the character that is aimed at clew or picture must first serious careful problem, constituent content, conceive outline, straighten train of thought, a catch question of avoid by all means, excursive, drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, discursive, must avoid encumbrance trival, consecution is not clear, the error that does not highlight mainly.

   2, expression is proper the character is fluent

Emphasize using the word that has acquired on textbook, phrase, beautiful line to ensure the article is concise and clear and coherent, avoid by all means uses the unfamiliar word that seeks from Wen Quxing or dictionary casually, what emphasize particularly is to must avoid to use non-standard Chinese type expression, welcome composition is to use a word sentence honest, simple and unadorned, clear and fluent article.

   3, structural standard tense is not had by accident

Accurate judgement tense, the application of voice, cannot across is jumbly, this part can mirror the student's thinking adequately to judge ability, the tense with clear and proper resolution, voice will be composition embellish many.

  4, word, punctuation is not had by accident

Note word spelling, punctuation mark, avoid the error on detail. The fault goes all out and build a word to all can cause undesirable effect to achievement oneself.

Composition achievement is having crucial effect in the university entrance exam. Additional, composition of the university entrance exam asks word number is 120 above, the author thinks control is appropriate in 150 words left and right sides, if the word counts too little meeting to give a person water of a kind of examinee,make the same score low, the feeling that get through hastily, and also the ideology that beyond expression understands deeper administrative levels.

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