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Begin of composition of English of the university entrance exam is all-purpose a
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1. Begin is all-purpose and formulary one: Celebrity logion
Somebody asked, "I did not remember famous remark, how to do? Especially English logion? " , very good do: Make up!
Principle: Very much more creation comes out the thing that we see, including the literary works that we admire also is, so although make up, but must sound very reasonable You! And did not allow we are celebrity in the future! Right?
Classic sentence pattern: A Proberb Says, "You Are Only Young Once. " (apply to the famous remark that already remembered)It Goes Without Saying That We Cannot Be Young Forever. (apply to write famous remark oneself)
More and classic sentence pattern: As Everyone Knows, no One Can Deny That...
2. Begin is all-purpose and formulary 2: Digital statistic
Principle: Want more convincing, should explain with actual number.
In principle is among argumentative writing 10 should not appear of false number, which are but be in, in charge of that thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one, but make up just as well, want me to the thing is written only with respect to everything is just fine. Might as well so the sentence pattern below try out: According To A Recent Survey, of The College Students Wanted To Further Their Study After Their Graduation of About 78.9 % .
Look of Zou of Zou of this number article, it is fictional actually come out, below informal a few titles such we are OK making up: Honesty
According to a recent statistic investigation shows, 78 % are false among the reason that the undergraduate asks for leave to the teacher. Travel By Bike
According to a recent statistic investigation shows, the person of 85 % is in when close quarters travels, the vehicle of first selection is a bicycle. Youth
According to a recent statistic investigation shows, be in a certain university, the 70 % of after school time of the student are in recreational recreation. Five - Day Work Week Better Than Six - Day Work?
According to a recent statistic investigation shows, the person of 98 % agrees every week 5 days of weekday.
More sentence pattern: A Recent Statistics Shows That...

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