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Why can she fear the book falls down
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The study when Ying Ziping of schoolgirl of second year in high school is serious, achievement is belonged to in the class medium slant on, still latent capacity can be dug. But latter, she not only mind inquietude, mood is low, and evasive classmate, studying result is apparently degenerative more. 
The teacher looks for her to talk, flower child when saying oneself do work recently, do not know why, always fear the textbook on desk, exercise can drop the ground originally; Sometimes, she thought to fall down really even, extend a hand cannot refrain fromingly to receive; But actually, book when everything is all right the ground lies on the desk. This kind of state appears repeatedly, hampered she centers attention to complete work not only, and make in her heart extraordinary tension: "I after all how? " the question that psychology referred an expert to answer a teacher: Flower child study result occurrence wave motion, the problem is not to go out learning itself, appeared to force psychology however, say on psychology for " force disease " . Source of new moon of get to the bottom of sth, flower child the thing that the most propbably in the life produced to make her be accepted hard, make she produced the insecurity of deepness. 
"How Where is come to an agreement or understanding? " hesitate in speech at the beginning of Ying Ziqi, because perplex her, is marital crisis of parents. "My pa Mom ever was the middle school is the same as desk. Although also hear they are cat-and-dog before, never had seen their true fall out however. But since mom should go up after general manager, case is big different. " flower child the mother is agelong and outer at the job, now and then come home, either unconscious head sleeps greatly even if the phone is ceaseless... almost at the same time, father becomes special nag, he keeps cursing the manners and morals of the time to put upside down -- the woman becomes a manager, do not maly not female not in nothing more than. Before long, flower child discovered to true crack appears between parents, the word between them is less and less. Mom becomes mysterious, when calling, not be to close to enter toilet namely. First-class mom " fly " go, shave of father is busy do up one's hair, fasten good cravat to rectify good clothes to run outside. 
Now, we can have understood, flower child force psychology, it is the evolution form of anxious to parental marriage crisis exaggerate, become pain because of this angst. Flower child always feel to there is a thing to want to fall down on the desk, because this often uses a hand to receive, this her act was conveyed subconscious desire of li of assuasive of hope parents relation. 
Say so, flower child the problem that problem in the final analysis is its parents. To Ying Zifu's mother character, the harm that should realize oneself behavior is caused to the child must be made up for as early as possible, at the same time help daughter realises she forces the origin of disease, the problem ability that faces up to oneself eliminates insecurity stage by stage. Let child understanding, him parents affection problem, children inserts begin very hard. Although parents is apart, also won't abate the love to the child; Same, the child love to parents, also won't fade because of this. If parents tells the child a fact with straight-out manner: Parents divorces likely. Let her be opposite in mentally ready-made, so, perplex repeatedly flower child " anxious " can reduce even die out. 
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