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Litres of Beijing is small 4 big odd state first
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Cancel written examination certificate to be become again " cage "

"The certificate that just discovers the child to recruit students spot is honest too little. " Ms. Li is whole " 51 " the long holiday is completely busy son that helps 6 year looks for the school. Face south only area, she is driven mix toward school of sunny foreign language before field school of cent of Chen Jingguan middle school attends seek advice. Several years ago, litres what Ms. Li begins to consider the child is small first problem. But grade of the 3 exceedingly that see a few parents cherish, communal English takes an exam 3 class (be equal level of English of university specialized subject) certificate and certificate of of all kinds bear the palm, she cannot help repenting oneself " awareness " too late. "I feel the study habit that develops the child and ability are the most important previously. " Ms. Li that feels confused regrets even an original decision, somebody ever introduced her to ask at that time " gunman " side child takes testimony, but be rejected by her. Although before city teachs appoint chief expresses, of all kinds certificate does not get the couple at the beginning of He Xiaosheng, but cancel written examination as a result of recruit students of junior high school, the first when many middle schools regard recruit students of junior high school as stealthily certificate again " doorsill " . "Litres small recruit students has two lines first, one bright one dark. " controller of some famous middle school reveals Haidian division, certificate is " dark line " , student evaluation manual and interview are " open wire " .

Litres small interview leaves only first groom class

"The every act when interview is in teacher eye. Push when opening the door, do not forget to say hello to to the teacher certainly, if have two chairs only, the child should let sit to parents, ask whether the teacher can sit even; Station appearance of the child, sitting position is very significant also; The answer asks to the face wants to bring the smile that modest mixes when the problem, the eye faces up to a teacher; Notice detail, leaving was not to forget to say good-bye. " in this city famous litres small first in website parent community, one professes to be passed successfully on the west city the parent of interview of 3 sail middle school imparts such interview experience. The reporter understands, orgnaization of a few societies was aimed at litres small technically recently interview is opened first groom class, a parent that has joined to groom expresses, mix to a few study of the child at ordinary times habits and customs not quite attention, must train rapidly now, walk for instance pose, courtesy needs a person, "Want to leave good impression to the teacher when interview at least. " nevertheless, a few accept the parent that cover and Laoshi to express, it is worth while that this kind of detail shows the way that picks a person deliberate.
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