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How to choose nursery school for darling?
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How to choose nursery school for darling?

The stand or fall of nursery school, very big to the influence of cheeper, because 3 - 6 years old are the development in person lifetime the fastest also be the most important period, the child gives a what kind of growth in this period environment, to the child crucial in the future. What should the parent notice when choosing nursery school for darling?

Choice nursery school should avoid the following error

The error that collect fees had some of parents to aim eye when choose garden a few collect fees very high private nursery school. Undeniable is, these private garden are top-ranking on hardware establishment, it is to decorate even luxurious, the everything needed is ready such as computer multimedia, air conditioning (air conditioning room and exceeding decorate meeting generation harmful air, adverse to child body) , but go up in software, whether be top-ranking on plan of the educational concept of place of the teacher's quality, garden, education and the setting that teach an activity namely, with respect to need parents makes an on-the-spot investigation carefully one time, and cannot blindly the stand or fall that according to collecting fees degree judges a nursery school.

The error of fame does not make a decision only by the level of nursery school, one class garden has the advantage of one class garden admittedly, but the choice that should not be your only. Before you send this kind of garden the child certainly, answer to understand the characteristic of this garden first. That is to say, the reason with their outer fame is quality of nursery school whole very tall, still have because of them certain often go up the artistic class of TV, broadcasting station, art class. The proportion that such class holds in whole garden after all is very small, in other words, although your child entered the garden with this very big reputation, not regular meeting is chosen to take such artistic class.

The nursery school with characteristic garden very much now error made the shop sign of characteristic garden, wait like bilingual nursery school, music, sports, artistic nursery school, the develops child specialty commitment that they make also makes many parents one's mind disturbed really. But these characteristic garden also are existing the phenomenon of the good and bad are intermingled, accordingly parents should choose cautiously. Besides, cheeper phase is developing in the round again, the education to cheeper interest cannot premature and directional, follow suit blindly, overmuch ground lay particular stress on a project, affect the discovery of other potential and development necessarily. Although develop special skill, also cannot ask to the 3 cheeper that come 4 years old too tall.

Choose the channel of nursery school

1. Draw lessons from other experience to listen to already entered the report of garden child parent more, from first-hand data can get over there them. Besides understanding to colleague, kin, friend, still can search neighbour, street, seek advice cordially to those parents even before Muming, can make you probably be overjoyed.
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