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Chongqing Tongliang for teachers "paid tutor" will be lowered from mountain to
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In-service teachers engaged in "paid tutor" often enriched himself, bitter parents, shortage of the "main business." Tongliang County Board of Education Work Committee of Chongqing Yu Shu 15, said the county provides, in the "Paid Family" teachers will be reduced to support education in rural or remote areas. Shu-yu said that since the fall semester of this year, partly reflecting the parents, some teachers in private open tutorial "paid tutor", not only diverted the children's spare time, but also increased the burden on the family, and even individual teachers in the classroom is not teaching seriously, "force" students to open their own tutorial on. For this situation, Tongliang County Board of Education established in September this year, "No school in-service teachers engaged in the Provisional Regulations on Paid Family." According to regulations, in the "Paid Family" teachers are identified or reported upon, and its year-end examination will be determined to be ineligible, position, prize will be disqualified gifted Employment for the same time, will also be reduced to support rural or remote areas Education. Parents applaud this provision. Chongqing Tongliang public Liu Guodong said that even before his daughter's class held a tutorial, 500 yuan per month, and parents fear that their own children behind, have to spend money for the children "snacks." Today, the tutorial has been dissolved, Liu also reduce the economic pressure relief. Shu Yu introduced after the introduction of regulations, some teachers have voluntarily eliminate "paid tutor" behavior. Provisions into effect, the county send someone to thorough investigation and found no "paid tutor" rebound phenomenon. There is no violation of the provisions were being cut due to support education.
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