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Foreign language teachers of English tutor their own children, please
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Three feet away fighting in the groups of students on the podium, students everywhere so that teachers feel very proud. But many teachers their children to school, they have encountered a problem. Recently, the reporter visited the provincial capital part of the primary and secondary schools found that many teachers are worried about the education their children are, invariably given such a feeling, "at school, I can teach so many students, but why not control their children ? "reporter Zhang Wenwen Dad is an English teacher Please still give his son tutor Mr. Shaw is the provincial capital of a public high school English teacher from teaching 20 years, countless students he had brought, a provincial-level outstanding student leader, a contest in English, "Language Link." But talking about his son's learning, teachers are some of Xiao springtime. He told reporters that his son read in a key high school sophomore, fairly good results in other disciplines, with the exception of English achievement is not stable, usually the tight supervision, to test 130 of points on a bit of a relaxed, results immediately "take the slide" the. "Just-ended two days before the midterm exam will be the parents, the son of the English test was not any good." Xiao teacher frustration. Supposedly guarding the dad to teach English, the children's achievements should not be too bad, but shook his head teacher can be said Xiao, usually at home, he asked his son's academic performance, son impatience Yeliang say a few words then got into a fight. "My son said the most common is that I am not your student, you do not set of the old method of tube pipe my students." Sons of the English language to improve performance, Shaw's son asked the English teacher to tutor, and now three times a week classes, one 2 hours. "My son has been on a two-week lesson, he felt the results were good, said my tutor to teach than the good." Xiao said the teacher. There will be no more children in their class Role for both screenwriters Press survey found that some primary and secondary schools, teachers, other students are able to teach their children good management is widespread. This reporter has learned, either primary or early high school, teachers have the children almost every year, but the strange thing is, these children tend not to teach the class in their own parents, but was deliberately transferred to the other classes in the. A middle school teacher, told reporters that the reason to do so, there are three main reasons: First, children are too familiar, role change is very difficult, the teacher standing on the podium, facing their children, both feel strange ; followed by the bad conduct of their children norms, their children make mistakes, even if no matter how Ban Qilian to serious criticism, the child still is not afraid, and this increases the difficulty of class management. Again is to avoid arousing suspicion, if the child in his class, worried that some parents or students competition, so under normal circumstances, the teacher would deliberately put their children to mix. In fact, there are concerns not only teachers, interviews, many teachers in their children is also very difficult. Student named Wu told reporters that she saw her mother standing on the podium wanted to laugh, cry every day at home mom, to the school will call the teacher, always feel do not adapt. "Even if I am not my mother in the class, but I am in school every move she will know that there is no private space, I am now looking forward to Sign graduated from my mother's attention." Will not necessarily be a teacher when the parents Outstanding student to take a child on the same class often than As a teacher, should know best how to educate children and their children face Shique why do anything? Jinan City Institute of Psychology, Deputy Director Xu Shengnan youth to reporters, many teachers to educate their children, you can not very well into the "parent" role. In the eyes of ordinary students, teachers serve as role models, but in front of their children, because very familiar with each other, so the children do not fear them, so that the set of teachers, teaching methods in schools, can not be cast on their children. At the same time, teachers contact students more easily take their children compared with those excellent students, however, expect the higher the stronger the sense of loss. Lost lead to more criticism, not only increased the anxiety of teachers themselves, but also increases the child's psychological burden. To this end, Xu Shengnan said teachers in the education of their children, to recognize the reality of their situation, do not give children too much pressure to a normal attitude towards children.
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