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Zhao loyalty: the current changes in family education and problems of new
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Hello! First of all congratulations to the Third Forum of New Oriental Education and the official opening of the family. Welcome to participate in such a seminar. This very busy ten days, I met three times in ten days, one family 22 Technology Symposium in Beijing, one of the Nanjing Family Education Research, 30, took part i n this meeting, each meeting, everyone wants me say a little something. Family education research questions today about an observation. First, we pay attention to changes in family and family education. The family is produced in a certain historical stage of social development with the continuous development. Different historical stages of family education contains all characteristics of the times that we should seriously concern. Family education is changing all the time, we are not aware that sometimes, but in fact it is always changing. Education as a family what really happened in the family changes in three points: Chinese Society of Education Family Education Committee loyal to Mr Zhao First, changes in family The family is the carrier of family education, family education directly affect family change. Eight aspects of family change: 1, the family economic situation gradually improved, gradually from poor to rich. 2, single-family structure from the complex home, family size, corresponding better. 3, the family to diversify from a single model. For example, single-parent families, to build the family, staying home, transnational families, DINK families, single families. 4, the stability of marriage is getting worse for vulnerable households. 5, the essential relationship between the family regrouped into the core from the previous Master to his father as the core. 6, the relationship among family members gradually become democratic and equal enjoyment of legal rights. 7, Family Functions. For example, the production function, reproductive function weakened. Some strengthening, educational function, family function strengthened. Part of the transfer to the community, such as entertainment. 8, the family is not closely connected to the community, the family closed weaker. Family change also led to a change in family education. Second, changes in family education have eight: 1, the purpose of having children of parents from the past to meet the needs of the economy (raising children for old age), and gradually change to meet the spiritual needs. But now I regret not support any child born there also eating the old phenomenon of raising children. 2, number of children in view of the gradual change in the past, the more the better, and now has a feet. 3, education become an important, willing at the time and money on the investment. Education extensive changes from the past for today's intensive. Coarse do now by the intensive shallow plowing. 4, family support, education and protection, more and more social components. Alleviate some of the burden of his father, but also brought some problems. 5, the teaching methods over the brutal dictatorship to a democratic civilization. 6, family education, from closed to open. 7, family education, the constraints of traditional education of future generations and the increasing influence weakened. Instead of using modern educational theory. 8, children hobbies, development, career choices parents make decisions from the past, and now change their own decisions for their children. Third, due to the changes mentioned above, so that parents face many unprecedented eight confused: 1, the gradual increase awareness of parental education, but life stress. 2 nan but education properly. 3, in the face a lot of educational information do not know how to choose. 4, have the ability to blind fans willing to invest but do not know where to invest. 5, many factors affect education, the parents of control. 6, the healthy development of children's need to reduce the study burden, lack of quality educational resources, academic pressure increased. 7, the change in the gap deepening the family, two generations of people how to set up a bridge problem. 8, development of market economy swept away the traditional education of the dam, have not built up the new concepts of education, parents do not know how to grasp. Such as honesty and trustworthiness is not equal to pedantic, honest and trustworthy education is not out of date? Unity, friendship, humility, kindness, rigorous or not a virtue? Conflict between children is not to be patient? Patience is not good for nothing? Competition is not the only code of conduct today's society? To do together? Cooperation and mutual assistance, promoting courage to take risks? Science and technology, the modernization of the means of labor and hard work but also the quality of hard not to? And so on. We need answers to these puzzles. On China's family education, family changes I made here just a simple prompt. These changes what exactly is the process by which factors? What impact on social change? What impact on children? We should seriously study. The second big problem. Family education should be concerned about facing new situations and new problems: The first new problem is the mentality of the parents. Mentality is the product of the environment, the mentality of people's behavior. Under certain conditions, the decisive state of mind. We can not ignore this problem, due to the relatively easy job, parents, more peaceful state of mind. But the parents of today's state of mind is very peaceful environment, domestic violence occurs in society, tragedy is directly related to the parents mentality. Now the parents of preschool children is 80, single generation, born in particular years they have special status, is a very special social groups. Them with the distinctive mark. Such as the recent child slaves thought they were born in the prosperity enjoyed the results from small, they are the central concern of the family is being taken care of growing up, did not experience the wind and rain, there is no any responsibility to others. Poor awareness of social responsibility. A fraction of the time when they changed the role of parents to assume the responsibility to train their children for them which is a severe test. Parents are now mainly in the profit-oriented mentality impetuous. Is the child's immediate Zhigu, neglect, or the expense of long-term interests. Impetuous is a hot head to make a decision hastily. The performance of four specific areas: 1, anxious. Do are anxious ahead of education, a "predatory early development", many children do not have to pre-birth parents on caesarean section. 2, parents universal vanity, competition, the child with a "fill duck" approach to blind development. 3, blind obedience. And do not think the lack of assertive, herd mentality serious. The pursuit of simple and efficient education. So often in this type of pseudo-Chang Wu experts 忽悠. 4, one-sided. The pursuit of shortcuts. Second, parents and children feeling increasingly alienated. Now we obviously feel that today's kids do not like the past with the parents of the children are very close, feeling increasingly alienated. What causes this? I speak some truth, now the parents of the child's upbringing, education, investment in large greatly reduced, greatly reduced. Small investment will return less. Raise and educate their children could have been of a very private matter, but many parents do this to someone else. For example, parents of infant children comes from the few, or to the nurse or to the elderly, children now call mom aunt pipe, tube aunt called my mother more and more, drink less milk, the children smell the smell of my mother less and less. Now do not give the child with diapers, too lazy to serve children, diapers, save trouble, but less and less skin contact with children, children grow up to say I am a feces you bringing up a urine, does not seem like reason gas is not like. Family education is not personally do, hire a tutor instead of educational responsibilities more and more parents if the child does not learn that the money spent is my hard-earned money, the child can confidently answer you it is your responsibility. Sent two-year-old child into the entire care, send boarding students live in more and more to send students to study abroad. We also need to send your children to beware of future homes for the elderly, so these irresponsible parents care you get older. Now both parents and children separated more and more children suffering from thirst for more and more family, more and more unreliable parental umbrella, or even too lazy individual people and their children, such as having children has occurred through the abdomen. Less emotional investment parents will inevitably get less in return. Third, the one-child education. Child in a foreign country has 100 years of history. The world's first one-child family papers published in 1898, we have only one child in China in 30 years the background of China with the foreign child is not the same. Foreign economic development, we are voluntary to a child, China is a response to the call to a child. Not entirely willing. Second, China used to be kids, the concept than daughters more powerful. More than one child from the child to the child is not only the quality of development, the gap is mainly psychological, with a total feeling of not enough numbers. So the two settings is the status of the parents put their children's too high. He turned around a family, the children created a surreal environment is too idealistic to be protected, being taken care of being taken care of. The child on the special status of the idea must have special privileges. Fourth, information on social issues. Information society is a new situation. Now more and more modern means of information, information channels is increasing. Transmission of information faster and faster, greatly increased the amount of information. After the information society has brought two problems. A problem, the emergence of large amounts of information, it is inevitable cohabitation, children are sensitive to the feelings of new information, but the screening was low, so now vulnerable. After the second consequence of information, access to information sooner or later, there is no relationship between age and degree of primary and culture. So now kids sometimes more than access to information than parents, but also early, so I played a role, is to break the monopoly of information over a long time the situation of adults. Therefore, parents must listen to statements from the children. Fifth, leisure education. Leisure Education Plato the word was first proposed, and later Marx this index as a measure of social education. He said the level of development of a society, the past is how much steel, grain measure. Marx believed that the most standard measure of a country is to look at how much leisure time, leisure time and more productivity to high productivity levels less leisure time low. Engage in overtime in the past, not the reaction of people's enthusiasm, but the reaction is too far behind our means of labor, labor standards too low. So the problem in previous years, leisure, introduced around 1995 when the weekend, opened a meeting in Beijing, at which I spoke the words, I advocate the implementation of weekend leisure time after the children are greatly increased, probably more than 100 days, we should be the children's leisure education, so children learn to leisure. Moral Education, a tube was Beijing's leadership that he said to me, you mentioned that Zhao's too negative. You mentioned how people learn to work casual mention learn it? I said two questions, you go back and investigate crimes in Beijing when young people are learning bad? No investigation is definitely not the time in class to learn, must be bad in the leisure time to learn. The second issue I mentioned, I said, ask the children in Beijing, their interests, expertise can be developed at what time is it? Do not have to investigate, it must be in leisure time. Albert Einstein once said a word, the difference between people lies in the use of leisure time. I would like to leisure education in foreign countries has become a discipline, Yunnan Province, published a few years ago, students had six books of a leisure education in China that we do not understand. We must seize the leisure education. Appropriate to leave a child more than 170 days a year, the children first place is the family recreation. So the children's parents are primarily responsible for leisure and education. Sixth, the family instability. We all know that an increasing proportion of society, the couple divorced, stability greatly weakened. According to statistics of China sociologist age of marriage for divorcing couples is 6,7 years. As people often say, "Seven Year Itch," this time, or primary, much depends on the family, the couple divorced just 80%, 90% of the time "to be married to rain overwhelming your mother," someone said, her parents divorced the extent of the damage after the death of a child, we can not avoid this damage, but the reduction is possible. Husband and wife can be difficult to maintain separation, but the couple divorced the product of a civilized society, is civilized behavior should be divorced and not barbaric. Now China is mostly brutal divorce, a divorce often have to add a word called "playing the divorce or divorce" more brutal. For children with peace of mind to be husband and wife divorce, strive for the success of divorce, break up peace, to resolve child support and education. The third major issue of Relations. 1, "the relationship between support and teaching." Upbringing and education are two different things, but not separate. Education in the family support is often taught in isolation, there must be support education. For example, a meal, let the children learn to eat this is the kind of education, children around the floor chasing a family dinner is an education. Rearing itself contains education. So it can not be separated, to support teaching combination. 2, parent education and children properly handle the relationship between quality education. Better education of children is not the education of our education should not let the child self. Especially when the mother is now known as the "education mother" More and more, she did something else that is education, which is more than the teachers are over-education teacher. For example, a child school children stood in the past that turned three, six, eight climb, my daughter said once a child how my father will not stand up, we teach it, I said do not stand up to teach, it is human instinct. Because we teach more likely to become more degraded, must give the child the opportunity to self-study, he taught himself bound to boost confidence, and he'd like to learn a higher, more difficult things. 3, is responsible for the child today, tomorrow should be responsible for the child. Now is the quick success of our family education, care for immediate benefits, scores, qualifying term studies. Children do not know how to take into account the development, want to be champion, was champion. We all know that test is not necessarily a career champion champion. Conducted a survey, the previous entrance (Forum) champion did not cause a champion, and the top ten this class the child is often a lot of success. We educate parents need to look long-term effect of establishing a correct concept of education. Education today is not only conducive to the development of children today, but also conducive to the development of the child tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. 4, family education and school education, social education relationship. And the relationship between school education, we certainly want to meet, but family is not the school's contracted agencies, are generally family education became a vassal of school education and supplementary, is no longer a marginalized form of independent education, family education became the second class of students. Consciously or unconsciously, with the help of parents, teacher assistants, special education, the functions of the family have become increasingly weakened. We must establish a parent and family education is a separate discipline, with the school education is not to become a vassal. Family relationship education and social education is to the community as a classroom for the community, as a textbook. Parents should learn to select the introduction of social quality education resources. 5, the inheritance and reference relations. Now we are in a critical period of history, the reform and opening up, society will change people's traditional culture system took a hit, this time prone to blindness, a blind is xenophilia that foreign things better than China, nothing everything that the Chinese failed, opening the era often be the case. When the Democratic Reform in Japan was the most typical is the civil and military governor, said Japan's Mandarin is not good, said the Japanese species is not good, the Japanese girl to marry a foreigner. We should prevent this, do not xenophilia, to take seriously our cultural heritage.
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