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Walk out of family education error
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Domestic education is most fundamental education, to the person grow have extremely profound effect. But, at present the family of our country is taught, existing a few more the following error:
1 , monopolize model the parent hopes children will have a bright future the heart is cut, read to make the child serious, monopolized the child should the labor of the in one's power that oneself become. Then, the child lives a meal to come the life that dehisce, clothes will come stretch one's hand, the girl of 3 grade returns junior high school of as a result so that the grandma washs the dress for her. Day of with the passing of time is long, what the child asks others is paid for oneself is increasing, and feel at ease and justified.
2, doting model this is to monopolizing model the family education way that develops to the extreme on the foundation. The parent inspects the child to be sweet heart, cannot let the child suffer a bit " grievance " , docile and obedient to the child's requirement, violate social morals even and satisfy shocking requirement of the child. Then, some parents vent his anger to give his child and go neighbour fights; The child is willing to attend the school to organize commonweal labor, the parent is written to the child " sick application for leave " ... a batch of selfish and capricious small emperors, small Xiang Yu the Conqueror is growing.
3, indulge this is a kind of family education means that bear the blame. The parent thinks the child is " the adult need not is in charge of, the canal does not grow up to death " , busy all the day the job, career or do buying and selling to make money; What offer for the child is the safeguard on the life only, and the inner world to the child, lift hobby, school work to make the without exception such as dragon be indifferent to sth, profligate before the child even oneself behavior. Then, appeared child smoking, fight, kip... be detained by public security mechanism till the child, the parent ability is astonied.
4, crude model this is a kind of what rely on high pressure to have education to the child only is foolish and simple family education way. Some parents think the child should be subject to absolutely oneself volition. Child exam achievement bad or made mistake, and even have a bit to the parent not from, with respect to draw well, rebuke, roughhouse even. As time passes, the child dare not open his mind before the parent, the mood always is in depressive condition.

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