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The parent should be good at applying " demand paradox "
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The parent should be good at applying " demand paradox "  

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There is a rule to cry in economics " limit gains lapse rate " , its carelessness is to say, what the person increases from what what in obtaining one unit goods, get is contented, can decrease as acquisition article increase. This one rule socially, or in the life that is people exist generally, it is we did not sum up it sometimes only, according to it, apply it. 
With respect to parental education children character, we are in the process that develops educational children, want to satisfy the child's requirement all the time, also arose from this " limit accrual is given close rate " problem. Here as a temporary measure call his " demand paradox " . Everybody knows, contemporary family mostly a child, the standard of living of people had together with in the past relatively very big rise, so, since a period, parents is being brought up and the phenomenon of hundreds respond to a single call appeared in educational child. The child has demand, parents should give contented, this is originally
The thing of perfectly justified, the problem is how the parent is satisfied, be worth to discuss very much however. 
People has such experience mostly, when we are very tired, can stop rested to become the most pressing demand; When we are very hungry, can eat food to become a kind of longing immediately. What is this? This is one kind when need to be brought to the person for be less than expands (increase) longing. The outside stimulation that somebody provides this kind to be able to make the person produces dissatisfactory, uncomfortable, unpleasantness cries " bad sexual excitement " . In fact, proper " bad sexual excitement " to teaching the child also very the canal is used. Some parents had tried this kind of method, when child
Child when having some kind of demand, they do not satisfy the child immediately, must defer however, this also is to be in what apply to the child actually with bad sexual excitement (somebody calls his defer contented) , the purpose is arousing child enterprise at coming through bad sexual excitement or be to take exercise child
Child bear force. The author in one's childhood the difficulty in the home, to elementary school 3 grade just got the first satchel on, so I am cherished to satchel times to, be afraid that it is dirty be afraid that it is bad, fluctuate by bicycle class hour, always also be the back is on the back, hate to part with hang on the car, result,
My satchel carried 6 years on the back. See present child, cheeper class is done not have finish, begin to change satchel, an elementary school is read do not know to discard how many satchel. Say with its current satchel quality is bad, or it is the requirement that satchel does not accord with the child, be inferior to saying present child cherishs satchel without the child in the past! As similar as this, if the parent is in,can try to apply " bad sexual excitement " , try to let the child feel a certain demand is very hard, so, when the child's desire gets satisfaction, the child can bear force is gradual, meet power is very, meet times feeling is times more cheerful become aware happy. 
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