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How to develop social association mastery of a skill or technique of the child
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How to foster  of social association skill
Above all, the parent should notice to praise those to accord with a society to expect more " good deed " , if cooperate with share behavior, and do not encourage the child those " bad behavior " , if aggressiveness is mixed alone game, defiant wait. Our country ancient time is famous " Kong Rong lets pear " story, it is a very good fact arrives. When delicious thing having in husband, can make the child appropriative distribute the part of thing person; When the child has opportunity and other child to play together, encourage the child to think of others, others of toy deal out, etc.  next, want to often provide good example to the child. Some investigator did such test, the child that lets a sociability acts as model, demonstrate all sorts of society technical ability at the child of intercourse to those introvert, not to be pooh-poohed, if be opposite others smile, share behavior, start active body contact, give oral praise, result, all sorts of action that this kind of method increased model place effectively to demonstrate. Investigator returns discovery, example and children are more similar, the effect is better (act as for example the child at first of example also is indrawn
, backward-looking child) ; The behavior that demonstrates to example makes an assessment on the spot, remind the child what the profit that such doing is, also can enhance the result that example demonstrates. In domestic education, can make full use of see TV, child play together with others wait for an opportunity, discovery
This kind of example, make an explanation to the child. 
The 3rd, regular training is very necessary. Skill of some societies association is must " teach " , if how be participated in,go in the sport activity of others, how to make redound to affable behavior of the companion, how to share food, toy with the companion, how to offer a companion care, help and sympathize with, in these moment should say what word, make what kind of expression and motion, often tell about these to the child, than pure let the child imitate others effect to be close friends more. 
Than oral telling about a kind of better method is the part is acted. Mention above let the child " act " Kong Rong's part is. Foreign somebody did a such tests, the children before learning for the help makes explanation and assessment to problem of a few societies, let children act a part in a circumstances that comprises by puppet, let other explain the mood of all party that in participating in a conflict, go, spread out discuss. Result discovery, children accepts the time of training to grow more, the aggressive explanation that they make is less; And, because they begin to be able to consider the consequence of own behavior, their expression in the companion also has improve apparently. 
Teach a lot of research discovery of means about the family, if the parent is enthusiastic and all sorts of regulation that manner brightly asks the child abides by social ceremony place to ask, they often can be taught piece know the custom, child that is good at interacting with others; Contrary, those carry the parent of requirement, indulgent child to the child not quite, the child that education goes often is aggressive strong, do not bear companion gay child, the requirement that they raise to others often takes opposed attitude. Some considers to still make clear, to the child too the child that maternal education of protection goes (especially boy) , be in and behave very much when adult contact with sociability, but they are in all round companion middling appears uneasiness and cabined. Accordingly, undue to the child protection is not method of education of a kind of desirable.
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