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Educational child is used opportunely silent
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Educational child uses silent  opportunely
Silent use at the suggestion: When parents is teaching the child, ask the child is accomplished, above all should oneself are accomplished, in silent and breathed behavior, make a suggestion to the child, can make the child passes the act that imitates parents so, form good convention self-consciously, receive thereby " do not make and from " the effect. 
Cow sb into submission of silent in an attempt to: If parents discovers the child makes more serious mistake and when handling not clear and real case, to make the child does not hide mistake, correct wrong action in time, can make silent not words condition, let the child be in of parents silent in feel astonish and pressure, it is clear to discuss the issue discuss the issue self-consciously. Such parents are OK suit the remedy to the case, make the best use of the circumstances.  is silent reflect majesty: If parents discovers child language puts four or action flightily when insufficient be cautious, can take silent attitude, make oneself appear harmonious and sedate, amiable and august. Such, the child can feel to there is one to plant on parental body august and mysterious force, then can self-conscious astringent has undesirable action. 
Silent replace criticism: Parents is when criticism and dissuasive child, the mistake that makes the most easily is say the child to get without a single redeeming feature in public. This kind criticizes means and manner, hurt the child's proper pride easily, bring about the child collide and feel disgusted. Because this is used occasionally silent the immediate criticism that will replace pair of children and reprimand, can achieve expectant educational goal instead. 
Silent express gentle: When parents is coaching to the child learns or undertake talk, use appropriately brief silent, can make oneself justifiable expression of clear thinking, choice and the opportunity that observe the child reacts. Produce issue when the child and associate especially, when parents is solving this kind of problem, can use appropriately silent, undertake " cold treatment " with alleviation atmosphere, make the child is mixed calmly a few more sensible, accept parental education thereby.

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