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The prevention and cure of children school phobia
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Phobia belongs to mood obstacle, it is to point to strong to some kind of some kind of object, environment or certain activity generation strain, fear and evasive reaction. 
School phobia is a kind of of children phobia special kind. Expression is pair of school happening fear, fear to go to school, reject to go to school even. Mention go to school nervous, terrified uneasiness, complexion is cadaverous. Often accompany have have a headache, the body symptom such as dazed, bellyacke, vomiting. If parents forces,the emotion can appear to react when the little patient goes going to school, angst uneasiness, painful, vociferant, clamorous, the promise of any conciliation or materially all cannot attract them to agree to go to school. But want parents to agree with a little patient not to go to school only, afore-mentioned symptoms disappear, holiday these symptoms also do not appear. It is when them when the home, see book or He Xiaopeng friendly play, everything all very normal. 
This disease differs to kip conciously commonly, the children that kip is revealed without apparent mood commonly, often have the other action that violate discipline, often learn for a long time undesirable, cannot get the children that parents cares and suffers physical punishment again, both the easiest ancient bronze mirror is other and former it is parents knows the little patient rejects to go to school stay in the home, and latter is parents does not know children does not go to school, their expression pretends to go to school, on the way or playtime escapes from the school outer loaf about. 
Why can you cause children school phobia? 
(1) internal cause this kind of children is general psychological development is diseased, be mixed as a child by parental exorbitant protection doting, dependence is big, independent character difference goes up with spirit on the life, recreant, beyond the mark and bashful, sensitive, suspicious, special be concerned about face-saving, flimsy, via removing criticism. In addition, concern with congenital element, this kind of children often parents has jumpy tendency. 
(2) external cause is like children to encounter the teacher of beyond the mark severity in enter a school, transfer or enter a higher school, or educational means of the teacher is undeserved, the failure on school study or other activity, setback or encounter grievance, humiliate, produce the psychology of strong mood reaction and angst uneasiness, fear and do not wish to be faced again or try this kind of bitter experience afresh, adopt evasive sex to react and stay in the home. If parents is indulged unprincipledly,sympathize with a little patient, defend for its, but the horror of aggrandizement little patient. In addition, parents is exorbitant to letter of little patient expectation, often exceed level of susceptive of place of little patient psychology, bring about child psychology overbalance, generate worry gradually, fear to go to school, or domestic environment is undesirable, parental feeling is on bad terms, once go going to school,as a result worries about him parents can divorce, mom can run away from home etc, these elements can cause children to produce school phobia. 
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