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What is " the first revolt period "
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What is “ the first revolt period ”
Child of 23 years old wants a course to want to pass a “ commonly commonly mutinous period ” , call “ the first revolt period ” . Original and docile obedient child, can become piquant to this period, not obedient. Weather is for instance cool, mom lets the child wear jacket, the child just is not worn; The guest came, mom invites his mannerly accost guest, he is niminy-piminy. These children often hold to his view toughly, come so, the adult can get angry, as a result hits him at the likelihood.

Actually, from the child physiology and the angle that psychology develops look, this kind of “ revolts period the expression of ” is a kind of normal phenomenon. As cheeper activity ability increase, abound of knowledge ceaselessly, child psychology change is sharp, especially the child's need produced very big change, and the adult still often uses old views to go look upon child, requirement child, cause a variety of revolt behaviour of the child consequently. But, look from another respect, if the child's individual character cannot get development, instead can affect him henceforth grow. Say to experience “ so mutinous period ” is the child the certain level of normal growth.

So, how does ability help child overshoot this one special phase?

1, education is crucial. In this paragraph of period, parents should abandon the sort of tough attitude that does not divide green red black and write. Should see, behavior of “ revolt ” promotes the psychological power that their ability expands just about. The grow upping should capture this one opportunity in time to give to certain behavior of the child encourage appropriately, in order to promote the development of the formation of child self-awareness and behavioral skill, ability.

2, the parent should aid the child to develop a helping hand, to the child's revolt behavior both neither can be satisfied blindly, also cannot pass more restriction. Satisfy blindly cause the child easily to be mixed egoistically obdurate; Overmuch ground restricts the proper pride that meets contusion child, become thereby be obedient to and depend on, lack free-standing capacity.

3, parents defends in the “ that knew the child period after ” characteristic, the most important is to should notice make the best use of the circumstances, from by assistance, offer correct and reasonable education. For instance: The child likes to walk independently, you support sb with hand not forcedly him, can notice to protect beside; The child wants him to have a meal, clad, can let him himself start work, and you try to coach beside, develop with this stimulative child mental health, help child overshoots “ revolts smoothly period ” .

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