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Talk about classmaster praise skill
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Summary] combine practice of long-term classmaster job, elaborated how to apply below new condition praise a method, do good work, achieve expectant Yo person result. 
[keyword] praise accurate and just diversity to catch 
Praising is one of important instruments that classmaster makes student thought work. But in market economy today, the student that classmaster confronts, its thought is more active than past any period, sensitive. These " student " support because of Dai Ji no longer " beautiful cap " so docile and obedient, before them, of formalism empty and homiletic more appear dim and blank. Add the phenomenon of a few coxcombical hype that sees constantly in commodity society, in their puerile soul, often hold incredulity to manage to praising. These are applied to classmaster praise a method to do student thought job to bring very great difficulty. Accordingly, the author thinks, very those who be necessary to study market economy grows to depth today, how is classmaster applied praise a method, do work of good moral education, obtain expect the result. A bit practice that we talk about below reachs experience. 
One, praised key -- accurate 
Apply praise a method to achieve optimal result, the key depends on " accurate " . This " accurate " include the following content commonly: It is want to sufferring state of psychology of the person that praise to hold accurate. One is praised, answer to produce favorable result to sufferring him person that praise above all, just speak of the educational action to someone else possibly. Be like, once, the author praised a student on the class, this student at that time all over the face grouchy. After the event, seek its heart-to-heart talk, just knowing its reason is in including the student that flatter oneself and he is not a class him, praise, get then grievance, malcontent. The 2 achievement that are the classmate that praises to sufferring are checked should accurate. Ganger either wants meticulous investigation to be judged in order to get proper analysis surely. Otherwise, praised content " the just right that lose " , the student can think " of erroneous in " , even make " be contrary to in " reaction. 3 it is to apply evaluation sex language to want accurate. General " you I am good, good, everybody is good " , the student feels low; Too comprehensive affirmation, the student is ill-affected; Language of beyond the mark exaggerated, student union considers as affectation. Accordingly, the evaluation of appropriate, ability makes student be sincerely convinced. 4 it is right all round reaction estimation of the student wants accurate. Classmaster is carried out before praising, must the pulse accurate student collective, clear suffer praise the human relation between student and other classmate. If praise the condition had be notted have, most student does not have enough psychology to prepare, be inferior to be not being praised. 
2, praised starting point -- just 
Of classmaster praise with approve of it is best to the student evaluation. This kind of evaluation is right " good student " with " junior unripe " whether indication fairness is education in the process important one annulus. Some classmaster are right " good student " show huge enthusiasm; Right " junior unripe " issue great strength very hard to disentomb that is god-given " flashy dot " , its result certainly will makes classmaster memory medium " good student " " junior unripe " what produce mentally is lopsided. "Good student " the meeting is blind and hopeful, loosen ego to ask; "Junior unripe " the meeting is abandonment, aggrandizement go against turn over psychology. Its result, the job of classmaster also cannot be begun normally. 
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