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Face poverty together with the child
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Before before long, school of an elementary school held city of Jiangsu province salt " love of linkage kissing affection is aided learn " the knot helps a ceremony up to the side, the impoverished student that asks 108 on-the-job teachers are helped up to the side to the knot is given answer read machine, book aids financially gold to wait with 50 yuan. Before the activity, the school issued invitation letter to these student parents, sincere ask they and child to enter an activity together. Making what person expect is less than is, activity that day, absent parent has many 40 unexpectedly. 
Original, these parents think to attend such circumstance to have break " dignity " , lose face to the child already, light also is not had on him face. 
Actually, the society is a big family, it is difficult that one party has, all directions is assisted, this is the traditional goodness of the Chinese nation. The help that proud ground does not break to accept others when it is difficult to be in is not scandalous affair. The warm meeting of the favor that childhood times child experiences decides case to be in the memory of his lifetime, a lot of successful personages live in the care of others because of one's early years namely, experience social warmth, the casting in the harden oneself in the life sound moral quality, try hard conscientiously consequently, school work has, changed impoverished destiny with knowledge. After this, their bend affection answers a newspaper office to meet, brought happiness and joy to more families and child. Such thing too numerous to mention one by one. 
Accordingly, face reality leisurely jointly with the child, facing poverty is now a lot of parents cannot be short of the one class that miss. Happy family is same, wretched family has each misfortune each. Escapism perhaps is met with the society of inactive, look look upon that be hostile to negative effect leaves in the child's little heart. A few teenagers make even if undergo unfair treatment because of childhood period, make their heart gets tremendous scar, bring about retaliate other or society later. A few impoverished families are to let the child in group life must have alive " face " , deliberately plan the ground conceals true domestic condition, even endure humiliation in order to carry out an important task, grant whatever is requested, satisfy the child's desire unendingly, as a result these children always think " enjoy a happy life " be perfectly justified, overbearing with each passing day and rampant, inhospitality is merciless, do not have a tiny bit of sense of responsibility to the family. 
Not come singly but in pairs, recently " ovine wall evening paper " on published a such articles -- let the child partake together hard. After come off sentry duty of a father to patch embarrassed family financial situation, hiding the truth from the child to sell a fruit. , he hands a bag of Xian Niu suckles the child, the child says, be fed up with! The toy in companionate home becomes hill, our whats in the home are done not have. He conveniently is given go 2 yuan of money, the child says, someone father gives even if 10 yuan, 100 yuan, you? Saying, the child money rip off. He is about to cry without the tear. The following day, ground of his one is assured and bold with justice carries fruit burden in arriving home, the school doorway that raises the child again peddles. This is right he, to the child, hurt pride, but the joys and sorrows of life that he wants to let the child experience the life, the life is how to not allow easy! From now on, the child's pin money decreases apparently. The New Year's Eve in the evening, the son takes out a scarf to say, father, this is bought with pin money, your station is too cold on the ave! Face sensible child, his tear emerges like the spring. 
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