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Face the university entrance exam, what should examinee parent do?
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Face the university entrance exam, what should examinee parent do?
Examinee wants to obtain " black June " the victory of battle, support the elaborate guidance with the parent energetically from what do not drive a family. Such OK saying, the family is the ammunition depot that examinee fights and logistics safeguard base, be data of the university entrance exam collect a center, it is ministry of examinee information advisory feedback. The parent is just like counsellor of behind the curtain, the victory that is examinee examination room devises clever strategies, give counsel.
Face the university entrance exam, how does the parent advance for examinee broom obstacle, obtain examination room victory to provide strong help?
Family -- logistics ensures base. Left logistics safeguard of the family, examinee is just as " water without a source, without this wood " . The logistics safeguard that the family provides to the child basically has: (1) nutrient safeguard. The nutrition that the parent wants to let the child catchs up with, want to let the child enough energy fors reference. Can buy a place more to the child at ordinary times fruit and can fill cerebral walnut, almond of what; Want to eat less during the exam or do not eat tall adipose fat food, eat delicate food more. (2) healthy safeguard. The parent should arrange the daily life of good child, food conciously, provide a few comfortable facility for the child, make sure the child has enough sleep, want to let the child insist to attend the body to take exercise, maintain an able-bodied physique. (3) environmental safeguard. Sweet, comfortable family atmosphere is helpful for the child developing first-rate standard. The parent should notice to create a kind of favorable family environment for the child: Do not want the nervous atmosphere before factitious ground is made or apply colours to a drawing is taken an examination of, cannot because of child some second the exam before taking an examination of suffers a defeat, the parent censures with respect to be angry, and want try every means dynamic atmosphere, look for 9 glad things to tell everyday go doing, want to use the language that encourages a gender to comfort this fretted already heart; Must not relapse urge again and again, nag, and should look for a few relaxed topics, let the child watch news, take a walk, loosen nervous nerve; Do not be eager to trying to find out the real intention, ought not to be during the exam, especially an examination room asks this asks that, take up too much valuable time of the child. (4) psychological safeguard: The parent wants to be communicated more with the child, want to provide strong psychological support for the child, when the child is empty, vexed, the parent wants what listen attentively to the child patiently to recount, the travel before be the child shows a labyrinth; When disappointed and the child is not self-confident, the parent should help the child establish self-confident heart, want to the child accredit, affirmation and encourage, tell him to want to pass the effort of oneself, go overcoming a variety of difficulty in study, foster the tenacity of child psychology, let the child a good humor goes undertaking final sprint!
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