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Did your child have capacity of enter a school?
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Did your child have capacity of enter a school?

A lot of parents want to understand his very much certainly be about to whether did the child of enter a school have requirement of enter a school. Test of ability of enter a school of a children is offerred to the parent below, the parent mights as well the requirement that whether oneself child achieved exam place to put forward in the exam in the home.

(1) ego knows capacity: Requirement child can understand him body each place, can speak a name; The full name that knows oneself, age, belong to elephant and home address.

(2) motion ability: Ran of ground of can more harmonious freely, double sufficient jump 20 centimeters far, him meeting is clad pants, buckle button, wear bootlace of footgear, department, have a meal adroitly with the chopstick, can go all out a simpler logo or depict geometrical graph to wait.

(3) remembers ability: Can repeat 6 digit word, thoroughly repeat a conte.

(4) observation: Look to have a mistake or be short of the picture of caustic to the child, let the child be in through observation points out a mistake or be short of caustic.

(5) common sense: Know color of 4 kinds of above, know triangle, circle, square, speak name of a few animals and alimental origin to wait.

(6) computation ability: Can undertake 10 less than add reduce operation, the composition that knows number of 10 less than, arrange.

(7) thinking ability: Let the child undertake picture classify, if have the picture the picture lump such as all sorts of fish, vegetable, fruit, let the child come apart by area of category one by one; Understand antonym; After hearing a story, can undertake analytic inference according to story content and answer a question.

This kind " exam of ability of enter a school " also can ask professional to have a test to orgnaization of health care of local women and children, in order to know your child in every respect ability circumstance, accomplish know fairly well.

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