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With your heart, change my heart -- parental children writtens guarantee without
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This is a single close mother, the furrow with the two hair on the temples that catch frost prematurely and densely covered canthus can feel the heavy pressure that brings to her to the life. However, letting what she bears hard is, with her photograph immerse leaves her further and further however with the daughter of foam, mother and daughter two already very long did not say one's innermost thoughts and feelings. Recently, a letter of the daughter just lets her know to have many with the daughter's misunderstanding deep. The daughter's letter is the ——  that such writing
Mom, do you know, since the father 3 years ago left us, your mood does not have feel well, come a few years I live below huge shadow all the time, each your word, very special the heart that prickles me acutely, make me suffocative come.
You say to me all the time: “ your father died, he does not want us. If you are not taken an examination of attend a college, you also it doesn't matter was used, you also go dead. You know ” mom not to know, when you scold me so, I wanted to die really. I want to be used dead tell you, although I am your daughter, but I also am a person, I also have my self-esteem. 
Mom, I know you took many pain for me. Difficult labor within an inch of is gone when giving birth to me, after giving birth to me, your body also was crossed come down. Because the body is bad, the concern of you and father is more and more intense also, final father also left us. I know and father divorce makes you get very big blow, I know you feel all these is my fault. Mom, you do not know, I am how to hope you can be happy, I hope you can get happiness sincerely, even if pay any price for this. 
Mom, sooner or later mother and daughter's heart can be interlinked, meeting? Mom, can we understand each other? I do not know me can when this day. 
Read the daughter's letter, this mom cried overnight, she cannot think of really, the daughter was brought up between one night; Cannot think of really, work laboriously brings up the child, oneself are in her heart unexpectedly without a single redeeming feature. But she also wants to tell a daughter, her father cold-shoulders her is a girl, ever wanted to send her, be mom is determined, the daughter just stays, after also be, the divorce left a fuse; Mom is pulling ill body to do hour work every day, below the province each minutes of money is wanting to pay the tuition fee for her in the future, after just hoping to leave this world in oneself, daughter can with professional skill well the life; Mom sometimes the mood is bad, conversation is a bit heavier, also can hit her sometimes. Can hit on her body, in mom heart with respect to feel better? Which not be fond of the child what become Mom! 
Fortunately after that one night, mother and daughter two talked calmly. After all blood is thick at water, anyhow, they are the family members of only of the other side, without what misunderstanding indelible. 
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