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The parent, you are very important
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The parent, you are very important

The parent is the child is the most important on long life road bring passerby. Child achievement dropped, child addle, of parenthood whether had examined his conscience: “ am I a competent parent? Some ” parents are right at ordinary times study be indifferent to sth of the child, once take an examination of,was bungled boxing foot addition, this can arouse the child's be disgusted with to learn a mood only. Some parents raise ” much “ to teach ” to child “ little, heavy perhaps “ wisdom ” of heart of ” light “ , undertake violation moral education even, how can this foster qualified successor? We are OK and fatidical, if encountered a setback,present adolescent is in on life road of future, because deviation appeared on sense of morally, value,be more. And the occurrence of this one consequence, of our parenthood have cannot the responsibility of shirk. Children of some parent for fear that have the least bit deficient, some indulges inurbane behavior of the child, the child is before elder speak rudely, parents is not added admonitory, laissez-faire. Some parents still teach the child to say the falsehood, thing that make a holiday, some teachs the child to learn even overbearing: “ if who hits you, you hit him, courage wants a bit bigger, recreant suffer a person to bully. ” some parents look after children as a child with “ very piquant very piquant ” is in my cub before the person pretentious, light up with pleasure, its intention is apparent, this “ piquant ” is “ the pronoun of lively and clever ” , grown in this kind of complimentary sound, pure child feels more piquant to adult likes more, as time passes, indulge be used to, behavior is used to bad, bring about possibly blunder by accident. A few parents that lamentable is us go jail entrance till the child still not be aware, still do not know the child the fault that who today is.
Have a thing that 3 students stole a fellow student first, the teacher calls up the parent to discuss to teach the method of processing, but the parent relapses to explain for the son however, still inspire the child ceaselessly: &You see Ldquo; you, glib in the home, become a dumb person before the teacher? You say, be who is kill you? ” although she relapses revulsive, but had found out as a result of the fact, the child cans say nothing, ground of parent utterly discomfited carries the child's ear: You do not have “ this the thing of prospect! The parent with very muddleheaded ” , did evildoing to explain ability makes there is prospect even?
2 schoolboys are made the same score first element is very strong, once playtime din gives the classmate's head broke, the teacher invites bilateral parent mediation, fight each other the critical education that the person's classmate had gravity. Making what the person is between tears and smiles is, when just when the teacher is told,getting stern in voice and countenance, the mom that stands in back pats the ash that pats child body to go up a little while, touch the child's head a little while, one pair is very fond of have the likelihood that increase, as if the child was not to just make a fault, established meritorious military service however, taking prostitution triumphal, the student does not have the form that ashamed remorses, there still is complacent color on the face, “ severe ” of the teacher is very fond of in the parent's “ appear pale before ” .
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