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Get along with the classmate not too sensitive
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Get along with the classmate  of Bie Taimin feeling
Ask: Get along with the classmate, my spy fears err thing. Although I am willing to help each person, but cannot win however sometimes respect and be depended on of the person by the help. Now and then say from pleasant to the ear of other people mouth: I help other can become them to talk about the material that laugh, feel very afflictive in the heart, how should I do? A  of dejected high school student
Answer: Actually, a lot of students are in to how get along with the classmate affliction, make a long time await them to feel not know what to do. This age paragraph student, idea is exquisite, feeling is rich, thinking acumen, passionate lofty or bottomless however sensitivity, desirous person affirmation, be understood, by person care, close oneself sadly again however rise. In the meantime, because of environment, education, individual character different, between the classmate unavoidable appear a few collide, plus the insecurity of school work, be unavoidable to want to borrow machine abreact. So, not too care about a classmate
Between " derisive " with " eristic " , this is they abreact only him affective a kind of means just. 
alleged " the heart is moved at will " , want to let oneself become active and hopeful, be about to use active and hopeful idea to go the Tan Xiao of look upon other, give you following proposals now: 
1. is doing a business, imagine the consequence that it causes. If was afraid of, be not done again, perhaps want a few more perfectly to be done again again; A thing should be done only, no matter its are sequential how, if it were not for is abysmal, do not think it again; Although abysmal really, think method remedies a few, from which derive a few lessons, later no longer follow the same old disastrous road is OK. Want to had adjusted oneself state of mind as soon as possible, prevent excessive and self-condemned. 
2. help others is a happy thing, need not listen " other people " pass on a message. We had been done in one's childhood " pass on a message " game, a word is met because of the transmission of much ask for a favor " change flavour " . Actually, want to feel happy when helping others only, do not go again believe what one hears the opinion on public affairs that those having nothing to do. Remove one condition again, although these opinion on public affairs are true, so, we also can buy a lesson, undeserved get angry for this kind of ungrateful Lilliputian. Do not see everything too complexly, also do not make because of the inhospitality of others oneself
the heart is chill. Ask you to believe: Put in each popular feeling have " be apt to reads aloud " , the heart is paid with what the confluence of the heart needs everybody. We are dedicating, we are happy; This happiness originates your accredit, also come from our heart. So, hope you abandon sincerely those are depressed with discomfort, go experiencing attentively belong to oneself then the portion is touched.
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