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The home has move free fan, why not is father followed child " move " ?
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The home has move free fan, why not is father followed child " move " ? 
Children are catching hair of of all kinds here, wearing face act the role ofing and prop, dress up use free figure, excitedly ground runs " beautiful " ; The parents there begins to be anxious again, excessive indulge moves afraid child free delayed study, knowing this adjuration to prohibit returning is laissez-faire... 
Two stories perhaps can be found to parent friends trifling " countermeasure " -- 
Story one: 
The Chen Yuyu of 24 rises from the middle school up to now, in " football " , " urbanism signs up for " , " Oriental sports daily " etc work of many 200 cartoon was published on media. Works of Shanghai beautiful picture is in charge of a plan publicizing the job now, hold newspaper office of some high school student part-time to move overflow and sporting page responsibility edits. Last year, the abstruse campaign that he creates overflows work selected Guangzhou international moves exposition of free movie and TV. 
☆ father tells about 
The son likes a painting from elementary school. On parent after junior high school is met, classmaster leaves me for: "The class hour on your son often draws general, cavalier, steed on the book. You must teach him well! " the following day in the morning, I am turning over language writ of the son to laughing to say: "Oh! Archaic general, steed, weapon is drawn so that resemble really, draw in one's childhood than me a lot of, draw a fault regrettablly only place. I give you bound book of two big pictures, you take the picture on picture book later, OK and permanent appreciation. " I told a story to him again: "Have star of a football, when collective practice a ball game he often drop out swims alone, before long, he drops to be fallen into disuse to give a group because of ball ability. " the story was not told, the son says: "I understood, I will distinguish primary and secondary henceforth. " 
Son study result is good, I have promotive measure oneself: Buy to him use free book; The artistic school that sends him to be set in culture house on Sunday learns a picture; Ask artist friend to come the guidance in the home he. Look at him not only study is outstanding, and the level that draws cartoon rises stage by stage, I encourage his contribute. Make his self-confident heart increases ceaselessly. I think the child likes to move overflow right study to mix growing advantage is great. Move free story humour to be full of philosophic theory again, the key sees the parent whether guide correctly, let the child from which derive knowledge, enjoy fun. 
Story 2: 
Full name: Fell in love with when the junior high school on Ma Dan of 22 years old move free, had looked move overflow countless. When the university, she is school magazine move free column to offer sketch, those who make this column is editorial. 
☆ father tells about 
Although I am right,the daughter indissolubles all the time at using the account that overflow infatuatedly, but still take lenient attitude. When she reads junior high school, carried a cartoon one day, of attack by surprise of the cloak that return block, it is to be afraid of probably by my rebuke. Then I showed an attitude: Looking is OK, but cannot affect study. However child hard to avoid has when not be in charge of oneself, I place a piece of small scrip in her caricature book, write on: "Daughter, proper relaxation is necessary, but do not loosen study. " before be being taken an examination of in tall metaphase, I discover she is seeing caricature all the time, discuss a decision with her: Of short duration is kept by me caricature book. The book was not risen by Tibet, put in the place that she also knows however. The family agrees she is OK after the exam proper motion is resumptive, her consciousness leans completely during taking an exam nevertheless. I fear she can be taken secretly a bit really at that time in light of, but I feel, trustful child is better than the effect that scolds aloud. As expected, the daughter abided by an agreement, the result in the exam is right also. 
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